The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
727 Remember, You Only Have Three and a Half Hours
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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727 Remember, You Only Have Three and a Half Hours

Ye Yuwei paused to digest what Bai Ying said. Two maids brought her out. Did that mean that the matron was the one who lived? 

"I have made up my mind," said Ye Yuwei quietly. 

"Are you really so fearless just because of Gu Juexi?" Bai Ying asked Ye Yuwei in disbelief. 

"I don't have time to discuss this question right now. How do I leave the Bai family's fortress?" asked Ye Yuwei, "we can talk about it later if we make it out alive." 

Bai Ying frowned and looked like she was going to say something, but she did not say anything in the end and pointed in the direction of the underpass. 

A secret underpass that no one had used for over twenty years. 

Ye Yuwei felt like she could pass out anytime from the pungent smell in the underpass, but she couldn't because Gu Juexi was waiting for her to pass the distribution map to Yu Jiangqing. 

How could she let Gu Juexi down when he risked his life to buy her time? 

Ye Yuwei's coat came with a hood. She pulled the hood over her nose and her mouth before she went in further. 

The further she went in the underpass, the darker it became, and the road was slippery and bumpy. 

However, Ye Yuwei knew that what Gu Juexi was doing would definitely not be any easier than what she was doing right now. 

Ye Yuwei continued to cover her nose and mouth with one hand, and held her phone tightly with the other. She was the wife of Gu Juexi. How could she be dragging her feet at a crucial time like this? 

She came to help him, not harm him. 

The underpass was so long that Ye Yuwei almost believed that there was no end to it. She fell down several times and skinned her knees and wrists. The wounds stung but Ye Yuwei couldn't be bothered and continued marching towards the end of the underpass. 

Three hours had passed since Ye Yuwei had entered the underpass. She walked while holding a wall that was covered in moss, and her legs were so tired that she was forced to kneel down at times. 

Ye Yuwei checked her phone for the time. It was six in the morning, and she could barely feel her legs anymore.

[Remember, Weiwei. You only have three and a half hours to leave.]

Gu Juexi's voice appeared in Ye Yuwei's head. She bit her lip hard to make herself clear-headed again. 

It was already six in the morning and everyone would have had woken up. According to Gu Juexi, Ye Yuwei should reach the end of this underpass and exit the Bai family's fortress in half an hour. 

Remembering what Gu Juexi had told her, Ye Yuwei kept on walking towards the end of the underpass. 

Meanwhile, in the Bai family's fortress, the lobby was in pin-drop silence with Yan Feng standing in front of everyone. 

Bai Ying was sitting at the head seat with her cat on her lap. "My uncles, why did you summon me here so early in the morning?" 

"Look carefully, Bai Ying. Is this man really your subordinate?" The second patriarch demanded as he kicked the back of Yan Feng's knee. 

The second patriarch might have been old but he didn't hold back, forcing Yan Feng to kneel down on the floor. 

"What do you mean, Second Uncle?" Bai Ying looked at the second patriarch and then at Yan Feng who was kneeling on the floor and asked, "Are you suspecting me now?" 

"The Bai family is in a critical situation, Bai Ying. We would rather kill the wrong person than take the risk," the first patriarch explained as he looked at Qian Yikun. 

Qian Yikun was fidgeting with the gun. He curled his lip when he heard the first patriarch, then pointed his gun at Yan Feng.


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