The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
734 So, Gu Juexi Has Come For His Revenge
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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734 So, Gu Juexi Has Come For His Revenge

"So, Gu Juexi has come for his revenge. He has finally done it," Bai Ying murmured as she closed her eyes. 

"They deserved it," Ye Yuwei hissed, hatred in her voice. 

Bai Ying didn't say anything, but the army doctor was stunned at their conversation. 

"Sister-in-law, is she…" 

Someone from the Bai family? 

"My mother. She has nothing to do with the Bai family," said Ye Yuwei quietly. 

"Understood. I will get some clothes for Aunt to change into," the army doctor nodded and said quickly. 

Ye Yuwei pushed the food that the army chef sent towards Bai Ying and told her to dig in after the army doctor left. 

"What happened to your neck?" Bai Ying asked as she looked at Ye Yuwei. 

Ye Yuwei touched the place where Bai Yuyan had strangled her and did not say a word. "I got the bruises by accident. Have some food," Ye Yuwei diverted, putting the food in Bai Ying's hands. 

But Bai Ying didn't want to let it go. "How did you get the bruises?" 

"Because of Bai Yuyan," Ye Yuwei answered impatiently, "Bai Yuyan knew about the underpass and ambushed me there." 

Bai Ying was surprised that Bai Yuyan knew about the underpass, but realized it made sense when she thought about how cunning that woman could be. 

Time passed. The army doctor had come twice to change the dressings for the wound on Ye Yuwei's calf, and insisted that she should get it treated at a hospital immediately. 

Ye Yuwei wanted to wait for Gu Juexi and refused the suggestion.

The gunshots were less intense now but Ye Yuwei was still waiting. Suddenly, an explosion sounded nearby. It was so loud that they could feel the ground shake. 

Ye Yuwei held Bai Ying and they fell onto the bed when the explosion happened. The aftershock went on for a while before it was quiet again, but Ye Yuwei's heart still raced. 

"Gu Juexi… Gu Juexi…" Ye Yuewi mumbled and tried to get off the bed, but fell down right away because of the wound on her leg. 

"Sister-in-law…" The army doctor rushed towards Ye Yuwei and helped her up. "What do you want, sister-in-law?" 

"Gu Juexi, Gu Juexi…" Ye Yuwei struggled to get up. She pushed the army doctor away and limped her way out of the tent. 

The injured soldiers continued to be sent into the tent. The scene was awful to look at, especially under the scorching sun. 

Ye Yuwei stood outside and looked at each of the injured soldiers. Not Gu Juexi, not Gu Juexi…

Ye Yuwei's heart began to pound even faster and she limped even further from the tent. 

She had no idea what that last explosion was. All she knew was that Gu Juexi had not come back. 

"Gu Juexi, Gu Juexi…" Ye Yuwei whimpered his name. He promised her. He promised her that he would come back. 

"Dig. Dig as deep as you can to find that rascal!" The old captain himself was there giving commands, and he began to curse loudly after one of the soldiers said something to him. 

Ye Yuwei began to panic and limped towards the old captain, grabbing his arm. "Is it about Gu Juexi? Did something happen to him?" 

The old captain stopped the guard who came forward to take Ye Yuwei away. "Please don't worry, young lady. I am sure that that rascal will be alright. The troop owes him an apology, and I am sure a petty guy like him would not want to miss a chance like that." 

Ye Yuwei's legs trembled and she would have fallen down if it weren't for the guards that caught her quickly.


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