The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
780 When Did He Have a Girlfriend?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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780 When Did He Have a Girlfriend?

Xiao Yaojing glared at the women and snarled, "Who was the one that said I was just a pretty face? Say it again."

"I'm the one who said it, what about it?" The female teacher beside Mei Yashi stood up and faced Xiao Yaojing. "Seducing a man with that face of yours, are you afraid of being told that?"

After hearing the woman's venomous words, Xiao Yaojing swung her hand and slapped her face. 

"I'll teach you ways to ensure your mouth is clean. I'm warning you, aside from this face of mine, I have a cruel heart. If I hear something like this coming from you again, I'll guarantee that manly, ugly face of yours can become uglier," Xiao Yaojing taunted coldly as she stared at the woman who was about to scream, then turned around and prepared to leave. 

"Miss Xiao, don't you think this is too cruel?" Mei Yashi spoke. "My friend shouldn't have said that, but you shouldn't have hit her."

"Should I hit you instead? It's your problem if you can't get the man you wanted. Putting the blame on someone else and manipulating your friends to vent your frustrations, well, I won't waste my time hitting someone like you who can't even be considered human," Xiao Yaojing said arrogantly as she walked to Ye Yuwei's side. "Let's not eat here next time."

Ye Yuwei shrugged. "We'll eat somewhere extravagant next time, PA Wen is rich anyways."

Their meals were already packed and Ye Yuwei purposely told the waiter, "Send these to Gu Enterprise and hand it to someone named Wen Tao. He'll pay for the delivery fee and tell him that these were specifically ordered by his girlfriend for him."

Xiao Yaojing glared at her but Ye Yuwei only smiled.

Mei Yashi's expression became darker upon hearing Ye Yuwei. Mei Yashi finally stared at Ye Yuwei and Xiao Yaojing's departure with a menacing expression, her lips pursed. 

When Ye Yuwei walked out, she was holding onto Xiao Yaojing who was still angry. "Why get all riled up for this kind of person? You've already won."

"If Wen Tao really fancied this kind of person, then he must've been possessed," Xiao Yaojing hissed, still mad. 

"That's true, but Wen Tao definitely won't fancy her. Besides, his crush is standing right here, isn't she?" Ye Yuwei smiled at Xiao Yaojing mysteriously. 

"Rubbish, that person is certainly not me," Xiao Yaojing sneered coldly. "It's impossible for him to like me; he was the one that helped me go after my crush."

"That only proves that he likes you more than you think, doesn't it?" Ye Yuwei was serious again. "Yaojing, I really think that you should talk to PA Wen." 

"I don't have time," Xiao Yaojing refused directly. 

Ye Yuwei wanted to say something but decided to remain silent. That woman was always lying to herself. 

Meanwhile, in Gu Enterprise. 

When PA Wen received a ton of food, he was confused.

Girlfriend? Since when did he have a girlfriend? 

"Wow, PA Wen is keeping a secret! Your girlfriend is so caring, she even ordered meals for you," a secretary teased with a smile.

PA Wen was still confused. He paid the delivery fee and thanked the man, taking the containers.

"Mr. Wen's girlfriend is so awesome," the delivery man gushed then left, making PA Wen even more confused.

Awesome? Was it Xiao Yaojing? He did not know any other woman that was as ferocious as her.

"Hey, PA Wen, who's your girlfriend? Bring her over."

"That's right, we've known each other for so long, how can you not introduce her to us?"

PA Wen just remained silent. 

Introduce them? He did not even know who it was.


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