The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
815 Baby Sister, Are You Done?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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815 Baby Sister, Are You Done?

PA Wen and Xiao Yaojing returned to the hotel. He was about to tell her to call him if there were any problems but after consideration, It was more likely that he would be the one calling her if there was danger. He gave up the opportunity to be a hero.

'Mistress, the mission you gave was quite challenging.'

He didn't want to get kicked five meters away.

Moreover, the information they obtained today was a major discovery related to Nalan Chunbo's mother. He reckoned it was necessary to inform Nalan Chunbo about it.

When PA Wen picked up the phone, his sister came to his mind. If he informed Nalan Chunbo about this, his good-for-nothing sister would definitely follow him here—and this place was not as safe as it seemed.

He decided not to call him—it was the CEO's decision whether to inform his brother-in-law or not.

Xiao Yaojing jumped onto her bed after entering her room and buried her face in a pillow. When they stumbled upon the robbers, all she thought about was protecting Wen Tao and not letting him get hurt.

The feeling was so terrifying!

She sat up right away and wondered to herself in shock, "Could it be that I actually fell for him? Am I crazy?"

The more she thought about it, the more her heart raced. She slapped her face hard. "Yes, yes, this is crazy! He watched you cry for another man! How can you fall for him?" Xiao Yaojing talked to herself wildly. She took another pillow to cover her face and kicked her legs around frantically. Her final decision was to sleep it off!

Little Ye Xicheng learnt of the trip his mother was about to embark on and was disappointed but kept it to himself. Someone was reduced to tears though—Little Xixi. She held onto Ye Yuwei's neck tightly and wouldn't let go, as if she would never see her mommy again if she did.

Ye Yuwei was cradling and consoling her for a long time but to no avail. To make matters worse, Gu Juexi would be going along as well.

"You stay at home with your brother, I promise I will video call you every day. Plus, I will only be away for three days tops, okay?" persuaded Ye Yuwei with her daughter in her arms.

"No no no! I want Mommy I want Mommy!" Xixi cried, stomping her little feet.

Ye Yuwei looked at Ye Xicheng—he shook his head and shrugged helplessly.

Ye Yuwei coaxed her daughter gently and strolled around the living hall. "The later mommy departs, the later I'll reach home. Do you want Mommy to be back late?"

"I want to go with you," uttered Xixi, crying. It seemed to be a warning saying 'if you do not take me with you, I'm going to cry and cry and cry'.

Ye Yuwei kissed her little head. If she could bring her along, she would.

Xixi was still bawling hysterically and throwing a massive tantrum when Gu Juexi came down from his room upstairs. He raised his brows in mild disapproval but carried her. Little Xixi immediately latched onto her father like a koala.

"Daddy and Mommy are leaving Xixi! Nobody loves Xixi! Nobody wants Xixi!" Xixi continued sobbing, barely able to speak.

Gu Juexi was dumbfounded. He looked at Ye Yuwei who shook her head. Was it her fault that their daughter was dramatic?

Ye Xicheng laid on the couch and casually called out, "Baby sister, are you done?"

"No! Don't call me!" yelled Xixi. She hugged Gu Juexi tightly with her little arms.

Ye Xicheng squinted at his sister. 

The drama had yet to come to an end.

Gu Juexi had run out of tricks. Maybe he should just let his little girl continue being dramatic.


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