The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
876 I Wouldn’t Be Able to Perform to the Fulles
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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876 I Wouldn’t Be Able to Perform to the Fulles

PA Wen was speechless, while Xiao Yaojing laughed happily like a sly fox. She stood up from the floor. "I knew I could kiss that face."

Even PA Wen's ears had turned red now.

"You, you, you…" PA Wen stood up too and pointed at Xiao Yaojing, then stormed off when he couldn't think of anything to say.

Aw, was he mad?

He acted like he was a lady being harassed by her – a gangster.

"Hey, Wen Tao, are you mad at me? Ouch…"

"Don't try to trick me again, I won't fall for it…" Xiao Yaojing threw her heels at PA Wen and hit his back before he could finish.

"You won't fall for what? I sprained my ankle for real this time!" said Xiao Yaojing angrily, and the pain made her voice tremble.

She shouldn't have tricked PA Wen just now because karma really did bite.

PA Wen heard Xiao Yaojing's trembling voice and quickly returned to her and checked on her ankle that had started to turn purple. He reached out to touch the swollen ankle.

"Ouchhhhhh…" Xiao Yaojing hissed in pain.

PA Wen drew back his hand immediately and began to feel sorry for Xiao Yaojing. "Let's go to the hospital before it gets worse."

Xiao Yaojing stuck her arms out at PA Wen. Not understanding what it was for, PA Wen looked at Xiao Yaojing in confusion.

"Carry me! You want me to walk with my sprained ankle?" Xiao Yaojing said through clenched teeth. Who was it that told her that this guy was the best personal assistant in the whole B City, and could compare to even the CEOs of some companies?

How could he be this clueless?

PA Wen realized it was a stupid question and quickly squatted to give Xiao Yaojing a piggyback ride while blaming himself in his head for being stupid in front of this woman.

PA Wen might look skinny but he had broad shoulders.

She has tried using tricks to make Lu Qichuan give her a piggyback ride, but she realized now that different men made her feel differently.

Lu Qichuan treated her like a younger sister, but Wen Tao treated her like a lover.

"Hey, why are you so loyal to that sly fox? He bullies you all the time," Xiao Yaojing began chatting with PA Wen from his back to distract herself from the pain in her foot.

"Mr. Gu has helped me and my whole family. He isn't as cold-blooded as everyone thinks, and he actually has a pitiful past," said Wen Tao while walking quickly, hoping that he could get Xiao Yaojing treated as soon as possible.

"I don't understand. Anyone in this whole world might be pitiful except for him," Xiao Yaojing smiled and said coldly, "but I have to admit that he really is something."

"And I thought you would have known him better after all these years," PA Wen chuckled and said softly.

"He deserved it," said Xiao Yaojing through clenched teeth, "he knew that Yezi had a soft spot for him and he made good use of that."

It was Gu Juexi's personal affair after all and PA Wen made no comment.

Meanwhile, Ye Yuwei who just tucked her two kids in was looking at her phone before going to bed, and saw on her social media a picture that Xiao Yaojing posted – an extremely swollen ankle.

Ye Yuwei dialled Xiao Yaojing's number immediately. "What happened? You sprained your ankle?"

"I was having too much fun teasing PA Wen and sprained my ankle," said Xiao Yaojing who was sitting in a corridor in the hospital with her foot wrapped in bandages.

Ye Yuwei was completely speechless at the information.

"Please be careful. Don't make yourself a cripple before you lure that man into bed," said Ye Yuwei softly.

"Of course not, I wouldn't be able to perform to the fullest if I did," said Xiao Yaojing cheekily.

"I can tell that you are alright if you have the mood to tell dirty jokes," said Ye Yuwei.

"Don't say it as if you haven't done it before, who gave birth to your two kids? I should go, Wen Tao is back from collecting my medicine. I need to continue teasing him."

The call ended before Ye Yuwei could say anything.


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