The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
881 Why is Gu Tianmu here?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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881 Why is Gu Tianmu here?

The date stated was before her leaving, which was also a few days before the final battle between Gu Juexi and Cheng Jie. She and Gu Juexi had gone to the Civil Affairs Bureau twice but Gu Juexi had always come up with different excuses.

Ye Yuwei felt like laughing, but tears flowed down her cheeks when she looked up.

Now the truth was revealed. He had actually prepared to end his life with Cheng Jie but he never thought that she would be the one who had nearly died.

What he wrote in his will about giving her freedom actually meant freeing her forever.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" Ye Xicheng became panicky when he saw Ye Yuwei tear up. "Mommy, please don't cry. Daddy does not have that intention. He is very scared that I might give this to you, that's why he always listens to me. Mommy, you…"

Ye Xicheng immediately tried to explain but Ye Yuwei pulled him into a hug. "Mommy is not crying. Mommy is just…" Ye Yuwei mumbled but lost her words and just hid her face against Ye Xicheng's shoulder.

This divorce statement had been something that she used to fight for but now that she actually had it, it seemed like a joke. It was the biggest mockery of her life.

"Mommy." Ye Xicheng stroked Ye Yuwei's back gently, trying to console her. "Mommy still has Xicheng but before I grow up, I just hope someone can take care of you."

Ye Yuwei knew that this was Xicheng's highest acknowledgment of Gu Juexi. He acknowledged Gu Juexi as his father, and even his position in his mother's heart.

"Don't let your daddy know about this divorce statement yet, okay?" Ye Yuwei slowly released her son from her embrace. A guy like Gu Juexi would imagine things once he found out about it. He might assume she stayed because of the divorce statement and insist on leaving without concern for the children.

For someone who always acted cool, he would come up with the most ridiculous theories for her actions.

Ye Xicheng obviously did not understand the motive behind his mother's instruction but still nodded. That meant he could still use it to threaten the old meatball.

"Go in and sleep for a while. I am going to see if your sister's herbal concoction is ready," Ye Yuwei said to her son, got up and walked out of the room. 

"Gu Tianmu…"

'Gu Tianmu?' Ye Yuwei stopped abruptly and prevented herself from stepping into the medicine room. She moved a few steps back to hide behind the door.

'Why was Gu Tianmu here?'

"Gu Tianmu, Xixi is sick right now and I'm not in the mood to talk to you. If you feel sorry for your granddaughter, you should realize the situation and leave now. If you are here with other intentions, there's no need for them," Wen Jie murmured calmly while paying attention to the herbal concoction on the stove.

The person standing behind her was indeed Gu Tianmu who was rumored to be missing after he left Feng County.

"Must you speak to me in such a way?" Gu Tianmu growled in a low voice. He sounded annoyed.

Wen Jie opened the pot lid to check the water level then closed it again. Her expression remained unchanged. "How should I speak then?" Wen Jie turned around to look at Gu Tianmu. "The Gu family is known for using cunning tactics. That is the only way to protect ourselves, isn't it?"

Ye Yuwei leaned against the wall. She was even more puzzled after listening to the conversation.

"I have been quiet and ignorant these past few years because I knew I could not change anything but it is different now, Gu Tianmu. If you are still pretending, it is obviously too fake to be true," Wen Jie lashed out harshly. 

She had finally shown her true emotions.


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