The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
897 I’m Not Even Suggesting to Get a Room Ye
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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897 I’m Not Even Suggesting to Get a Room Ye

PA Wen's nervous look lightened up Xiao Yaojing's mood. The more she looked at him, the more she realized how cute he was, so cute she could just eat him up!

"But your mom dislikes me," said Xiao Yaojing in a fake sad tone.

"Nonsense! She likes you more than her own son," PA Wen blurted hastily and held her hand. "Look at CEO and Madam— they've been through thick and thin and are still going strong. Why can't we just date and get married like a normal couple?"

She let him hold her hand and cupped her chin with her other hand. "Do you dare say that to Gu Juexi's face?"

PA Wen shoved her hand away and looked at the dishes being served.

"See? Gu Juexi and you are like a cat and mouse; he is the cat and you are the mouse, the fear of him is in your blood," Xiao Yaojing snorted with undisguised contempt. The waiter who was serving their dishes was trembling in shock and hurriedly dismissed himself.

There were two people left at the table for six.

PA Wen passed the chopsticks to Xiao Yaojing. "Will your mom reject me?"

Xiao Yaojing took the chopsticks from him and answered, "No, of course not! You have nearly become her own son, it's impossible for her to push you away now." She reached over to put an arm around PA Wen's shoulder and asked curiously, "Who do you think Mu Qishao is? It must not be easy for him to have such a pompous name, especially since forty-something years ago. Pretty impressive."

PA Wen remained silent. He would not comment on things that he did not know. "Hurry up and eat. I'll send you home after the meal, I still have to rush back to comfort my mom."

Xiao Yaojing speculated her circumstances. She shuddered when she thought about her mom's nagging and whining when she got home. "Hey, why don't we just elope?"

PA Wen was so shocked by the comment, he choked on his food. After a coughing fit, his expression darkened. "Can we just have a decent meal for once, please?" 

She would feel sick if she left him alone and didn't flirt with him for even a second, wouldn't she?

Xiao Yaojing tutted and began eating, "Relax, I'm not even suggesting to get a room yet, why are you so excited?"

PA Wen denoted silently that all he wanted, for now, was to have his meal in peace.

Right at the moment, his phone rang.

"Yes, speaking—what do you mean by the Xin Cheng Energy project is halted?" PA Wen asked coldly. Xiao Yaojing peeped at him.

"I don't care whose order it is! Xin Cheng Energy project belongs to Gu Enterprise now so if there's any order, it should be from Gu Enterprise and no one else! I don't care which minister he is, if he has a problem, he can come and speak to me! If he refuses, we'll just see him in court!" PA Wen snarled furiously, then slammed his phone on the table.

Xiao Yaojing was appalled by PA Wen's actions. She swallowed the food in her mouth and asked in concern, "Is everything okay with the Xin Cheng Energy project?"

"The construction has begun. Some minister came for an inspection today and he insists that the project has to be halted," PA Wen said in disgruntlement. He had lost his appetite altogether.

"He wants some 'benefit' out of the project, does he? Huh, such a nasty excuse," Xiao Yaojing mocked, "I don't see anyone dare do this when Gu Juexi is around. They must have felt that they can get their hands in the cookie jar since Gu Juexi has been absent for some time now."

PA Wen agreed with her opinion. "I have to go to Xin Cheng to look into this, can you go home by yourself?"

"Of course! I'm not disabled." Xiao Yaojing scanned the table full of dishes. "Too bad for these dishes, all wasted."

PA Wen looked at Xiao Yaojing helplessly.

Xiao Yaojing got to her feet, picked her bag and said, "Anyhow, it's true that if Gu Juexi is not around, then those people would badger you for your status."

"No worries, I can handle it," PA Wen replied, and both of them walked out of the restaurant. "They should know that picking a fight with me is a bad idea."

When they got to the elevator hall, PA Wen pressed the button and they both waited.


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