The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
920 Become the Target of Your Enemies’ Attack
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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920 Become the Target of Your Enemies’ Attack

"How did it happen?" asked Master Yao Lao.

"She was pricked by the hedgehog, and… and this happened," Ye Yuwei gibbered anxiously, her heart in her mouth.

Gu Juexi held her hand tightly and said, "Yuan Mo captured the hedgehog from the hill and Weiwei had disinfected it earlier so it should be no problem."

"Both of you, take her to the hospital for a blood test immediately. Xicheng, bring me the hedgehog," commanded Master Yao Lao, as sharp as a tack.

"Okay," Ye Xicheng said and left quickly.

Ye Yuwei and Gu Juexi brought Xixi to the nearest hospital for the blood test. Ye Yuwei was a bundle of nerves as she held Xixi in her arms.

Fortunately, the hospital was less crowded than the hospital in the big city, hence the blood test was completed in an instant and they received the results not long after.

"Mommy," whimpered Xixi softly, leaning into her mother's embrace. Ye Yuwei hugged her tightly. 

Gu Juexi stepped on the gas, his hands gripping the steering wheel so tightly his veins were popping out visibly.

"It's ok, it's alright, Mommy is here." Ye Yuwei had no idea if she was consoling Xixi or herself.

Master Yao Lao was sending off the last patient of the day and was waiting for the reports in her clinic.

Ye Yuwei and Gu Juexi brought Xixi back to the clinic. For Ye Yuwei, every second Master Yao Lao took to study the reports was torture.

Gu Juexi put his hand around Ye Yuwei's shoulder and was equally agitated waiting for the final reports from Master Yao Lao. On the contrary, Xixi was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, sharing the candies she pestered her mommy to buy with her brother.

Wen Jie stood beside Ye Yuwei and held her hand. "It's going to be alright."

Xixi's blood test reports were an ocean of worrying red. Ye Yuwei remembered the doctor's pale face clearly when he gave them the report.

How could she not worry?

Master Yao Lao's face turned more ashen after reading the reports.

"Xixi, can you tell Granny if there is any discomfort?" Master Yao Lao asked Xixi who was eating candies delightedly.

Xixi looked up at Master Yao Lao and blinked her large eyes innocently. "I feel fine, can I stop taking the bitter medicine, please?"

Her answer confused Master Yao Lao even more.

Her blood test results were disturbingly bad, but her pulse read was better than before and she even looked healthy and well. She had never seen anything like this before.

Ye Yuwei stared at Master Yao Lao anxiously, as though she was waiting for a death penalty verdict.

Finally, Master Yao Lao placed the reports down and commented, "There's nothing to worry about. Xixi is fine, it's nothing serious."

Upon hearing this, the millstone around Ye Yuwei's neck was finally removed, her back drenched in sweat. Gu Juexi was relieved as well.

"But her blood—" asked Ye Yuwei cautiously with bated breath.

Master Yao Lao patted Xixi's head and said, "Nothing critical for the time being."

For the time being?

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi and they exchanged worried glances.

Gu Juexi patted her shoulder comfortingly and asked, "Yao Lao, what do you think about the integration of western and traditional Chinese treatment? Do you think it will work better?"

If it was a better alternative, he would spend all the money in the world to bring in the best doctor for Xixi's treatment.

However, this matter made Gu Juexi's already critical illness worse.

Master Yao Lao was at the end of her wits as well, so she agreed to Gu Juexi's suggestion.

Gu Juexi contacted Lu Qichuan quickly and instructed him to contact the doctor.

Lu Qichuan was currently at the airport in the States, waiting to board the plane to head back home. After he heard Gu Juexi's order, he interjected immediately, "If you do not return to B City right now, you will become the target of your enemies' attack."


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