The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
929 She Liked the Revengeful Gu Juexi
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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929 She Liked the Revengeful Gu Juexi

Ye Yuwei looked up when Gu Juexi nudged her slightly.

Qiao Yi was staring at her too.

This Qiao Yi seemed different from the one who looked at her with fatherly affection that night.

This Qiao Yi was similar to Gu Juexi; both of them had a protective layer around them which was hidden from other people.

"Thank you, Mr. Qiao." Ye Yuwei gave him a small appreciative nod but her body was tense.

Meanwhile, Qiao Yi's secretary returned and whispered something to him. Qiao Yi's facial expression immediately changed and he glared at Gu Juexi.

"Mr. Qiao seems busy with some pressing matters. Mr. Qiao, why don't you go settle those matters first?" Gu Juexi asked coldly. He sounded indifferent but slightly mocking.

The sarcasm came from the champion.

Ye Yuwei knew the story behind this sarcasm. Half an hour ago, she did something which had changed the final result.

When Bo Jue Heavy Industry planned to take advantage of Gu Enterprise's low stock market price to take over the company, Ye Yuwei managed to purchase a few shell companies under Gu Enterprise's subsidiary which had no cash flow at the moment. She had learned this new trick from Gu Juexi.

A lot of things could happen within half an hour. There were many possibilities, especially to get victory to their side.

Although Qiao Yi's expression was menacing, he still forced a smile. "Good strategy, as expected from Mr. Gu." 

"A small stone can hurt too if you kick it. Mr. Qiao should not blame anyone if you feel the pain." Gu Juexi remained cold and indifferent and he approached Qiao Yi slowly. He warned him in a low voice, "Tell the person who is the culprit behind this that I, Gu Juexi, never back down from my decision if I've decided to investigate something. I will not let anyone misuse me."

Qiao Yi tightened his grip until his veins popped out. His gaze fell on Ye Yuwei and he said, "Mrs. Gu has good taste!"

Ye Yuwei bit her lip. She did not like his tone.

Qiao Yi left the place at once after he finished talking to Ye Yuwei, and she let out a sigh of relief.

"Are you afraid of him?" Gu Juexi asked suddenly.

Ye Yuwei was startled and turned to look at Gu Juexi with an innocent face. 

He stroked her head gently trying not to mess up her hairstyle.

There were a lot of people feeling intimidated by Gu Juexi today. Nobody dared to interrupt and talk to him, unless they had gathered their courage. Ye Yuwei was pretty sure there were a few of them who regretted their actions.

She had just gone through Gu Enterprise's recent collaboration projects. There were some timid companies that had stopped their collaborations with them.

For Gu Juexi, once you terminated the project, there was no future collaboration project anymore. You could not even appear in front of him unless you were giving him a chance to take revenge on you. He would definitely interfere and mess it up if the project had nothing to do with him.

That was Gu Juexi!

He would retaliate even for the slightest incident, but...

She liked the revengeful Gu Juexi.

The presence of Gu Juexi was sufficient. His heart was with her little daughter back home so he did not intend to stay back any longer.

Mu Dong understood that Gu Juexi was a busy man so he did not dare ask Gu Juexi to stay back. This time, PA Wen was unhappy and a little annoyed when he left the place with Xiao Yaojing.

Gu Juexi had been there no longer than ten minutes but everyone present at the banquet knew they were in hot water now. They had screwed themselves over.

Who said Gu Juexi was doomed? He looked as fit as a fiddle!

He even looked better than the rest of them.

PA Wen wanted to send Gu Juexi to the airport so he went into the car without changing his clothes. 

Nobody spoke a word in the car. There were only constant beeping noises from Ye Yuwei's and Xiao Yaojing's phones.

Gu Juexi was initially engrossed in signing a bunch of documents given by PA Wen, but he was feeling irritated with the noise. He lifted his head and glared at Ye Yuwei then Xiao Yaojing.


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