The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
986 The Most Frightening Thing Is a Person’s Hear
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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986 The Most Frightening Thing Is a Person’s Hear

Footsteps sounded nearby. Ye Yuwei was still leaning against the door, her blood-stained hands gripping the photo frame tightly.

The footsteps stopped inches away from her.

"Wen Jie wanted to keep it a secret, so why did all of you have to investigate?" Aunt Gu smiled as she sat down next to Ye Yuwei.

"Stupid Wen Jie, all of this because some kid treated her nicely. She went and put her heart out for this wicked little girl. She is almost like—"

"Shut up!" Ye Yuwei screamed, her hands covering her ears. "Shut up! Shut up—"

Aunt Gu stood up, wearing the same elegant smile. "She sure is stupid. How else would you be able to marry Gu Juexi? Such a pity that the Ye family members are getting more and more savage."

"Shut up! You shut your mouth!" Yu Wei screeched as she stood up and shoved Aunt Gu aside. Aunt Gu didn't even flinch.

"If Gu Tianmu finds out about this, I think things will get even more interesting. Your Ye family caused him to lose his family; I'm quite sure he isn't going to sit still and not retaliate."

Ye Yuwei raised her head and glared at Aunt Gu. "Who are you?"

"My identity isn't important. As long as I am able to witness the Gu family fall into such a state, I am beyond happy," Aunt Gu murmured, reaching out to touch Ye Yuwei's face, but she moved away.

"Little girl, you are indeed clever. Ye Shu was also very clever but all of you have yet to realize that the most frightening thing in this world are people's hearts and their true intentions."

Ye Yuwei walked backwards towards the wall, watching Aunt Gu smile elegantly.

"I think that whatever's coming next will be very interesting to watch. Such a pity that Gu Zhenjiang couldn't be here to witness it all."

Ye Yuwei gripped the wall behind her, her nails digging into the paint.

"Little girl, listen to me and leave quickly. Take your children and leave the Gu family. Look for a place where no one recognizes you and start anew," Aunt Gu urged as she slowly walked towards Ye Yuwei. "Gu Tianmu was willing to kill Wen Lan on Wen Jie's behalf, do you think you can escape his grasp?"

Ye Yuwei's mind went blank. She hardly heard Aunt Gu's words.

She couldn't leave, she definitely couldn't. She still needed to look for Gu Juexi.

Ye Yuwei thought for a while, then pushed Aunt Gu aside and made her way down the stairs. She had to look for Gu Juexi, no matter what.

Aunt Gu regained her balance and watched Ye Yuwei as she left.

"Ye Shu, you want to help Wen Jie get her justice, but are you willing to sacrifice your own daughter in the process?"

It would be a good show indeed.

Everyone owed Wen Jie an explanation; finally those youngsters remembered.

It seemed that she could finally drop the idea of escaping and enjoy the show for a while. Why waste such good seats to such a wonderful show?

Aunt Gu smiled as she slowly made her way down the stairs.

After so many years of not seeing Gu Tianmu lose his composure, this was indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After a while, Aunt Gu took out her handphone and leaned on the railing. "Wen Jie, are you still not planning to come back?"

"Aunt Gu, you and I have nothing to discuss."

"The wench you're putting your life on the line for is no longer safe." Aunt Gu laughed out loud as she listened to the sounds from the other side of the phone.

Every character had to be on set for the show to begin, right?


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