The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
995 If She Died, Gu Juexi Would Choose to Die with Her
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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995 If She Died, Gu Juexi Would Choose to Die with Her

What Ye Yuwei did not realize was that the people tailing them were immediately blocked by another gang of people; she thought it was Qiao Yi who had outrun them instead.

When they successfully ditched another car chase, Nalan Chunbo helped Ye Yuwei sit up, checking to see if she was injured. He heaved a sigh of relief when he was certain she was unharmed.

He had no idea that Gu Juexi would arrange for so many people to protect Ye Yuwei. His team was always able to counterattack Gu Tianmu's team.

That only meant that Gu Juexi had commanded every single person around him to protect Ye Yuwei.

"Weiwei, let's just leave," Nalan Chunbo urged again. In such a sticky situation, how would Gu Juexi defend himself from Wen Chenghao?

Use his own injured body?

Ye Yuwei looked at Nalan Chunbo in confusion and said, "Brother, I thought we were clear about this. I'm not afraid of what might come."

Nalan Chunbo's mouth was half-open but no words came out. He wanted to tell her that it was not about her courage. B City was Gu Juexi's turf. As long as they were in B City, Gu Juexi's comrades would be there to offer their protection to Ye Yuwei.

On the other hand, America was Gu Tianmu's turf. Gu Juexi had already launched himself into the war zone but he was still unable to wipe out Gu Tianmu.

"Gu Tianmu will not let you go; he is insane." Nalan Chunbo pinned the reason on Gu Tianmu instead.

"I know, I think I can understand him," Ye Yuwei said, "No one is born cold-hearted. He and Mom have been together for so long, and it's easy to fall for a woman like her. In this world though, the deeper the love, the deeper the hate. So many things have happened over the years, and he had been living in hatred and denial for so long. In the end, when he realized that the things he hated were all lies, he had to find a way to vent his hatred and rage, and I was the easiest target."

Therefore, Ye Yuwei did not blame herself as to why Gu Tianmu wanted her dead.

"He and Gu Juexi are two peas in a pod. They never consider other people, and just insist on their decision. They only have black and white zones in their world; there is no gray zone and no excuses. He thinks I have to redeem the sins committed by the Ye family and he will make sure that I do." Ye Yuwei leaned against the window and looked at Nalan Chunbo, her eyes sad but determined. "Now, I finally understand why Mom would rather die than let us go on with our investigation. She already predicted the consequences. If Gu Tianmu was lured into this puzzle, she knew he would not spare me. She was right."

Ye Yuwei looked down and laughed. Mom was the only person who had seen everything clearly.

She understood the feelings Gu Tianmu had for her and she also believed the feelings were sincere, but she had never accepted it.

Even until now, the most important thing in her heart was Ye Yuwei's life.

Mom was fully aware that Gu Tianmu's move towards her would lead to a head-on collision between father and son.

And if she died, Gu Juexi would choose to die with her.

She was absolutely certain about this.

Mom had figured everything out and was willing to sacrifice her life in exchange for everyone else's peace.

"Why did he do this?" Ye Yuwei asked in a sorrowful voice. She could not comprehend her father's intention of revealing this ancient scandal now.

She had absolutely no clue.

Nalan Chunbo reached out and held her hands gently.

"That's why we have to get to Wen Chenghao to understand his reasons and intentions," Ye Yuwei continued. She looked at Nalan Chunbo determinedly and declared, "I can't hide from him forever. Instead of hiding, it's better for us to solve this matter once and for all."

Qiao Yi looked at Ye Yuwei from the rearview mirror as he drove. He frowned slightly but remained quiet.


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