The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1006 Let Me Tell You A Story I
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1006 Let Me Tell You A Story I

Wen Lan started to smile, and it made Ye Yuwei feel restless. She whispered something to Mo Fei.

"Are you sure?" Mo Fei arched her eyebrows and asked.

"I don't know, but it's just as a precaution. You go and check it out, I'll stay right here," Ye Yuwei replied quietly, "I promise."

Mo Fei pondered the circumstances. Ye Yuwei was smart, she won't add more trouble to Gu Juexi at this crucial moment. Besides, if it really was what Ye Yuwei had imagined, they would all succumb to a cynical plan.

After Mo Fei left, Ye Yuwei watched the ongoing impasse discreetly.

"A fake Gu Tianmu? Hilarious," Wen Lan said flatly as she glared at Gu Juexi, "Do you think you can simply throw a guy in here and claim he was the fake Gu Tianmu? Did your mother teach you this?"

Gu Tianmu's expression darkened immediately. Wen Jie was about to say something when Gu Juexi began his story again.

"Forty-one years ago, Ye Shu and Ye Di joined the Wen family. Throughout their childhood, they had suffered unreasonable mistreatment and bullying, so Ye Di was extremely skeptical towards everyone and everything. You always treated Ye Di like an invisible guest in your house, until the marriage arrangement between the Gu family and the Wen family was underway," Gu Juexi explained, emphasizing each and every word, "Aunt, you knew how my mother treated the Ye siblings, and you also knew the only person you could use against my mother was Ye Di."

Wen Lan curled her hands tightly as she glared at Gu Juexi.

Gu Juexi strode towards Wen Lan and stepped on a piece of broken glass. "So when the news of the wedding started circulating, you came up with a plan. Gu Tianmu wasn't always in America since he was still studying abroad, so that was the perfect time to execute it."

Wen Lan stared at Gu Juexi with wide eyes. She was overwhelmed with terror, her body trembling violently in fear.

"You transformed this man into Gu Tianmu and ordered him to approach and charm Ye Di. As a result, a young and highly volatile girl had fallen in love with a man ten years her senior, but this man was about to be married to another woman."

There was only Gu Juexi's voice echoing in the room. Emotions from the people gathered there were whirling in the stale air.

"Next, you asked the man to meet my mother and threaten her to give up her liver to you if she ever wanted to be married to Gu Tianmu." Gu Juexi pointed at the man on the floor and glared at Wen Chenghao. "Of course, my dear grandfather, you lent a hand in this. Gu Tianmu didn't actually have any say in this, but it was you who forced my mother to donate her liver."

Wen Jie stood frozen and tense. Her expression was purely grief and heartbreak.

"While my mother was on the surgical table, Ye Di, the daughter of Chinese medicine practitioners, the highly volatile girl, worked her magic. You wanted my mother to die, but Ye Di was more sadistic than you were: she wanted my mother's life to be a living hell."

Gu Juexi spoke contemptuously, the undisguised hatred in his voice scaring Ye Yuwei.

"It's all your mother's fault! She took away her brother and the man she loved! Why am I to blame for everything?" Wen Lan cried in outrage.

Gu Juexi lunged forward and grabbed Wen Lan's collar. 

Wen Chenghao recoiled in shock. "Gu Juexi, get your hands off her!"

"Aunt, I haven't finished yet but if you dare say another word about my mother, don't blame me if I lose control," Gu Juexi threatened dangerously. He let go of her and kicked Wen Lan's wheelchair viciously.

Wen Lan went tumbling to the floor. Wen Chenghao sprinted towards her like a maniac, checking her for injuries as he ordered his men to take action.


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