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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1043 Qichuan Is Here

Gu Juexi had stood up too and looked up at the sky. If he was not mistaken, that was the sound of propellers. 

Gu Juexi put his ring finger and thumb close to his lips and whistled loudly. 

The loud whistle rang out through the quiet forest. 

Ye Yuwei was stunned — what kind of communication was that? 

The birds in the trees got frightened and flew off when another whistle rent the air. Ye Yuwei heard it too and saw Gu Juexi heave a sigh of relief before she could ask what was going on. 

"Qichuan is here," Gu Juexi threw away the vines in his hand as he said. 

What? How did it work? How did he know who it was without even having to look? 

The helicopter couldn't land in the woods so it hovered on top of an empty space and let down a rope ladder. 

Gu Juexi looked at the rope ladder and then at Ye Yuwei's feet. 

"I can climb," Ye Yuwei blurted out, worrying about Gu Juexi's condition. 

"I wasn't going to carry you," Gu Juexi said bluntly as he glanced at Ye Yuwei, gesturing for her to climb before him. 

Ye Yuwei didn't know what to say. So much for the Chinese poet. And about lifetime promises? She didn't want to spend even a day with this man anymore. 

Climbing a rope ladder was easier when there wasn't a sea breeze, but the way it dangled was still challenging for Ye Yuwei.

Gu Juexi stayed on the ground to hold the rope ladder still for Ye Yuwei, and started climbing only after Ye Yuwei had gotten into the helicopter. 

Ye Yuwei climbed into the helicopter cabin and looked down, wanting to remind Gu Juexi to be careful. She popped her head out and felt embarrassed when she saw Gu Juexi already at the top half of the rope ladder. 

Ye Yuwei was relieved enough to look around in the helicopter after Gu Juexi got into the cabin. She stumbled into the cockpit, and confirmed that it was indeed Lu Qichuan who had come to their rescue. Ye Yuwei was once again amazed by how they had communicated by just whistling. 

"Wei Wei…" Lu Qichuan mumbled when he saw Ye Yuwei and felt sorry for her. 

"Do you have a first aid kit, Brother Lu?" asked Ye Yuwei, her face looking extremely worried. 

Lu Qichuan understood why Ye Yuwei looked for the first aid kit and held back from asking about her. "It's in the cabin, Boss knows where it is."

"Thank you," Ye Yuwei said and left the cockpit. 

Lu Qichuan did not say anything more. He pulled up the rope ladder, and smiled bitterly as he flew the helicopter away from the woods. 

Ye Yuwei went out from the cockpit and saw Gu Juexi already with the first aid kit in his hand. 

"Why didn't you tell me that you knew where it was?" She demanded. 

Gu Juexi raised his brow and laid down on the row of seats. He had done it on purpose. He saw how worried Ye Yuwei was when she entered the cabin and wanted Lu Qichuan to see how this woman would only care about him. He wanted Lu Qichuan to stop thinking about Ye Yuwei. 

Ye Yuwei sat down beside Gu Juexi and took out the antiseptic from the kit box to clean his wounds. She tore open Gu Juexi's shirt and saw that most wounds had scabbed, while some were bleeding slightly. 

Could this man really feel no pain? 

Ye Yuwei cleaned the wounds carefully with the antiseptic. Her face turned pale as if she was feeling the pain herself when she saw the antiseptic bubbling on the wounds. 

"Stop making that face. Was it me or you who got hurt?" said Gu Juexi without even looking at Ye Yuwei. He finally had his peace of mind after struggling for nearly two days. 

Ye Yuwei rolled her eyes and reached out to poke the wounds on Gu Juexi's back.


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