The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1046 Was It Possible for This Man to Talk like a Normal Human Being?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1046 Was It Possible for This Man to Talk like a Normal Human Being?

The doctor removed Gu Juexi's X-ray film from the illuminator and put on Gu Tianmu's. 

"Chairman Gu has injured his nerves in his right arm. It would be almost impossible for him to recover from that completely."

Ye Yuwei put her hands on Gu Juexi's shoulders. They were the reason why Gu Tianmu got injured. 

"And because his wounds were badly infected and his dermal tissues were damaged, he is not out of danger yet. Even if he was, he would need a long-term skin grafting treatment," the doctor continued. 

Ye Yuwei noticed that Gu Juexi did not look too good after they left the doctor's office, most likely because of Gu Tianmu's condition. 

Although he had refused it several times, the doctor had forced Gu Juexi to wear an arm sling. According to Gu Juexi's words, he only refused to wear because it was hideous. 

Ye Yuwei ignored his protest and made him listen to her on this. 

Gu Juexi used Wen Jie's phone to call PA Wen after the doctor had finished treating him to make him pick Ye Yuwei up and also to bring a pair of shoes when he comes. 

Ye Yuwei sat on the sofa barefooted and it finally struck her that they had made it back alive. 

"I know now why your father hated me so much. He must have thought that I suggested the divorce between him and mother. But I didn't, it was solely your decision," Ye Yuwei sighed, and began to regret saying those words back then when Gu Tianmu appeared to not care about Gu Juexi. 

"You asked for it," Gu Juexi said and pulled a chair over to sit down beside the bed.

Ye Yuwei was speechless. Was it possible for this man to talk like a normal human being? 

Shouldn't a normal human being be comforting her with nice words? 

What did he mean by she asked for it? 

Ye Yuwei got upset and leaned back against the sofa with her legs on the coffee table. She looked at her filthy feet and decided to wash them. She came out from the washroom again barefooted. 

She didn't walk back to the sofa but stood behind Gu Juexi instead and rested her head on his back, carefully avoiding his wounds. "Do you think Mother and your father will ever get back together?" 

Gu Juexi reached out to hold Ye Yuwei's hands that were still wet from washing her feet. It was summer after all, and Gu Juexi didn't seem to mind that Ye Yuwei's hands were wet. 

As for what would happen between his parents, Gu Juexi was completely clueless. 

"You think it might happen?" asked Gu Juexi. 

"I don't know, but if your father has always loved Mother and she is not attached to anyone, doesn't your father have the right to go after her?" Ye Yuwei rested her chin on Gu Juexi's shoulder and asked uncertainly. 

It was just "mother" when it came to his mother, but it was "his father" when it came to his father. 

Ye Yuwei did hold grudges after all. 

No one could tell if Gu Tianmu was going to make it or not, not to mention what was going to happen next. 

Wen Jie had woken up before Gu Juexi could answer Ye Yuwei. 

"Mother…" Gu Juexi called out. 

"Mother," Ye Yuwei went over to the bed quickly. 

"Wei Wei, Juexi, you guys are back?" Wen Jie struggled to sit up in bed and reached out to hold their hands eagerly, "thank God you are back, thank God you are back." 

"We are sorry for making you worry, Mother," Ye Yuwei sat down at the side of the bed and said guiltily. 

Wen Jie looked at the two of them all messy and tired, and felt pity for them. How could she blame them? 

"Have you visited Gu Tianmu, Mother?" asked Gu Juexi suddenly. 

Ye Yuwei heard Gu Juexi and looked at him in shock. What was wrong with this man?


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