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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1099 Stand Up

At the back of the resort, a group of security guards was pinning a struggling man on the floor, while two guards were holding a girl, aged about seventeen or eighteen, who was crying and yelling. 

"Let me go! Let me go!" The man who was pinned against the floor had bloodshot eyes because of the fight. Similarly, the guards were anxious and in the rage with their fists curled tightly.

"Brother, Brother—" the girl shouted with teary eyes. Beside them was a food delivery cart.

The captain of the security was a man in his thirties with a sleazy and cunning look. He was badly beaten, his eyes swollen and his nose bloodied. He pinched the restrained man's face and snarled, "Ma Zhong, you should be grateful that we've accepted your food delivery service, and it is your honor that we've taken a liking to your sister. How dare you to make a scene here? You are just a retired and disabled veteran, who do you think you really are?"

"Say it again, you bastard."

The captain was kicked to five meters away following Gu Juexi's roar and he stayed right there on the floor, unconscious.

Ye Yuwei abruptly covered Ye Xicheng's eyes upon the scene. She couldn't apprehend the sudden change in Gu Juexi's behavior. He was still normal when they came over, but right at that moment, vicious currents suddenly radiated from him and surrounded them, followed by a kick.


The guards recoiled in shock to see Gu Juexi and they quickly released Ma Zhong and Ma Mei.

"Brother—Brother—" Ma Mei rushed toward Ma Zhong hastily.

Gu Juexi lowered his gaze at the man who was half-kneeling on the ground. His right sleeve was hollow and there was a crutch not far from him.

Ye Yuwei removed her hand from Ye Xicheng's eyes. He blinked and watched his daddy pick the crutch up from the floor.

"Stand up." Gu Juexi stared at the man on the floor as he held the crutch. "Stand up."

Ma Zhong raised his head. There was surprise in his eyes when he and Gu Juexi exchanged glances. He quickly swiped his sister's hands away and pressed his left hand down on the ground to support himself, biting down his lips and enduring the pain from his body. Slowly, he stood up. Then, he slowly raised his left hand up and gave the standard military salutation. "Ma Zhong, former battalion commander of the Second Battalion of the Third Regiment of the Chinese People's Liberation Army XXX Special Operations Brigade, reporting to Captain Gu."

The moment Gu Juexi saw the hollow left pant sleeve, he roared furiously and swept the crutch. The guards who were pressing on Ma Zhong earlier fell to the ground.

Ye Yuwei froze when she saw Ma Zhong's leg and arm. She felt overwhelmingly depressed and sympathetic.

These soldiers were injured and disabled after serving and defending the country, and this was how they were treated for their service.

It was such a depressing sight.

"Mommy—" Ye Xicheng whispered timidly.

"The uncle, he is a hero," Ye Yuwei explained to her son in a low voice.

"If the uncle is a hero, why do those people bully him?" Ye Xicheng asked puzzledly.

That was true. Why?

How could she possibly explain this matter to her son?

These soldiers were forced to retire due to injuries. What else could they do after the military discharge?

They were not Gu Juexi. He could still venture into the business industry after his retirement from the military, and he came from a rich family himself.

There were more and more retired soldiers like Ma Zhong.

It was not the first time Ye Yuwei had seen Gu Juexi getting angry, but she rarely witnessed his rage of fury on this scale.

Ye Yuwei put Ye Xicheng down and whispered something into his ears. He nodded and ran toward his daddy with his short legs. Before Gu Juexi could release his anger and beat those people to death, his tiny arms grabbed Gu Juexi's shirt. "Daddy—"


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