The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1122 If Gu Juexi and I Fell into a River, Who Would You Save?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1122 If Gu Juexi and I Fell into a River, Who Would You Save?

"So, did he tell you?" Gu Juexi arched his eyebrows and asked.

Ye Yuwei looked askance at him.

"I really have no idea. Can I afford it?" Gu Juexi seemed to be mumbling to himself, but also it seemed like he was asking Ye Yuwei. She irked at his serious expression.

When PA Wen returned to his room, the parents of both families said they wanted to go for a walk. PA Wen was very gracious of their request so he didn't interfere, but Xiao Yaojing was upset.

"I thought that this is your holiday! What is Gu Juexi's problem?" Xiao Yaojing stomped furiously as she glared at PA Wen, who switched on his laptop. She had cursed Gu Juexi with the harshest words she could think of in her mind.

PA Wen looked at Xiao Yaojing with his sorry puppy eyes. He opened a document file on his laptop and launched a background software program. "I'm sorry, I'll get it done before you know it. Give me an hour."

Xiao Yaojing crashed onto PA Wen's bed. She stared blankly at the ceiling that had the design of small flowers traces and blurted, "Wen Tao, let me ask you a question. If Gu Juexi and I fell into a river, who would you save?"

PA Wen laughed at her remark as he typed on his laptop. "I thought the only people who can't swim are mothers and wives. Since when are the bosses included in the list of 'I-can't-swim'?"

Xiao Yaojing flipped around and lay on her stomach, looking at the man who was sitting by the window working. "To you, your boss is the most important."

"Don't you worry. If the CEO falls into the ocean, he won't die. Even the Dragon God wouldn't dare to accept him, do you think that the river god would want him?" PA Wen said without lifting his gaze away from the laptop.

Xiao Yaojing listened to the reply, pondered upon the justification, and nodded in agreement.

"But you're on leave now. How could he let you work on your days off? I think that he's doing it on purpose. No way, I must talk to him," Xiao Yaojing whined and got ready to stand up.

"Hey—" PA Wen called her instantly, "I'll be quick, I promise. It'll be done in no time."

Xiao Yaojing turned around and kicked him hard in frustration. She then went to sit across from him.

PA Wen had a gentle smile on his face despite being kicked. When Xiao Yaojing sat down, he stretched his arm to hold her hand and said tenderly, "I'll be quick."

"Gu Juexi must have saved the world in his previous life—that's why he has found you, the best PA in the world," Xiao Yaojing blurted. She cupped her chin on her hands and looked at PA Wen concentrating on his laptop. He was such a fine guy.

PA Wen just smiled without a word. Frankly, he was more grateful to Gu Juexi than the other way around.

"The CEO wants to buy an island for the mistress, yet I can only afford a house. Will you be jealous?" PA Wen asked in the midst of his work.

"What is there to be jealous of?" Xiao Yaojing took off her slippers and raised her feet onto the chair, shrinking herself into a ball. She then picked up the glass on the table and said, "You have a car, a house, savings, and the main point is, you're very handsome. He's just a pretentious and arrogant dude, what am I jealous of?"

Although he remained downcast on his laptop, his lips curled upward uncontrollably.

"Just look at what kind of life Yezi has gone through for all those years. He thinks he's romantic just because he buys her an island?" Xiao Yaojing snarled in disgust.

PA Wen agreed with her point. As an outsider who was involved in the entire process, he saw clearly how Ye Yuwei lived through those years.

So to speak, he and the CEO were completely different people, so there was no need to compare.

Plenty of thoughts were running in Xiao Yaojing's head as she drank the glass of water. At the same time, she was also talking to PA Wen.

"You said that Gu Juexi is planning to propose. The school anniversary thing is almost a month away, what is he preparing?" Xiao Yaojing wondered what kind of wedding Gu Juexi would prepare, since he was not a romantic kind of person.

PA Wen lifted his gaze at Xiao Yaojing, and lowered his head to continue working. "The CEO never said anything, I'm not sure either."The Dragon God is a Chinese water and weather god. He is the king of the dragons and he also controls all of the creatures in the sea.


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