The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1129 Mr. Gu, Was That A Confession?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1129 Mr. Gu, Was That A Confession?

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Was it during her chat with Wen Shan?

She must admit, she was impressed by her thorough observations.

Ye Yuwei continued reading the posts in amusement. Some guys who looked down on those gossiping girls began to attack their outrageous statements and their obvious jealousy.

About thousands of posts later, the guys left the thread after being bombarded.

Ye Yuwei found joy in reading her own gossip and kept reading them tirelessly. She screenshotted some that she found hilarious and sent them to Gu Juexi.

It would have been a totally different scenario if this happened many years ago. She wasn't as calm and composed then, when she was being harassed by the media. But now, she could look at this as an ongoing drama. Could this be regarded as progress?

[Hubby: Why are you reading this nonsense? I think you don't have enough work.]

Ye Yuwei was momentarily astounded when she saw the new nickname on her phone. She simply clicked into the chatroom based on his profile picture, which was a picture of their daughter.

But what was up with the new nickname?

[Wife: Were you messing with my phone again? Did you change the nickname?

Hubby: What do you think? I think it sounds awesome.]

Ye Yuwei narrowed her eyes agitatedly. She was so close to blocking him.

[Wife: No, it's not nonsense. I'm the protagonist, mind you.

Hubby: So what? Do you want me to block you?

Hubby: The whole world knows about how you married me. Don't you think it's a bit too late to be aggrieved about it now?

Wife: Let's block each other and end this friendship, we can't play happily together anymore.

Hubby: Because I've said the truth?

Wife: I don't think it's necessary to propose. 👋👋

Hubby: No way, I never break my promises, let alone my promise to you.]

Ye Yuwei blinked in surprise. She had to read the sentence repeatedly until she finally understood his remark. Well well, Mr. Gu, was that a confession?

From his statement, he meant: You, Ye Yuwei, are not an outsider to me!

Alright, she forgave him and stopped angry for the sake of this statement.

[Hubby: I haven't seen you concerned about this matter before. Why do you care all of a sudden?

Wife: Who says that I care? I'm just sharing a joke with you. As for that White Rabbit, I don't think I can tolerate seeing her in our house.

Hubby: So?

Wife: They can diss me however they like, but I won't allow a person to approach me simply to look for topics to diss me about.

Hubby: So?

Wife: Fire her!

Hubby: Just like that?

Wife: Do you still want to keep her around?

Hubby: Menopausal women are horrible.

Wife: Getlost.jpg]

Ye Yuwei sent him an emoji that illustrated being kicked to outer space. Gu Juexi laughed at the emoji and his mood uplifted instantly. He really had to get lost after putting his phone away because he had a meeting to attend to.

At the meeting, the senior executives of the company realized their CEO was in a good mood from the lack of scolding and yelling.

After Ye Yuwei ended the irritating chat with Gu Juexi, she put her phone down and walked outside.

At this moment, the maids were cleaning the house and Wen Jie was reading in the gazebo outside. Ye Yuwei went to keep her company and informed her about the update from the hospital. Gu Tianmu was awake, but he could not be transferred out from the ICU for the time being.

Wen Jie seemed stunned when she heard the news. She simply nodded.

Ye Yuwei heaved a sigh quietly. It seemed that her father-in-law had a long way to go.

"Butler Kim has been dashing between the house and the hospital. I'm thinking maybe I could go to the hospital for two days to relieve Butler Kim from his hospital duty. Dad has to undergo the skin grafting in the coming days, and he can't be left alone in the hospital," Ye Yuwei suggested as she tidied the blanket on Wen Jie's knees.

"Don't you hate him?" Wen Jie placed the book down and looked at Ye Yuwei.


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