The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1131 It’s Just A Fair Warning
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1131 It’s Just A Fair Warning

"Young Mistress, I don't understand what you're saying," Bai Xiaolian mumbled in a trembling voice.

"Did I scare you? I thought you're bold. Where's the brave heart that you had when you bad-mouthed me in the forum?" Ye Yuwei grinned and laughed. She bent over and approached Bai Xiaolian. "Do you think I remained silent because I'm afraid of you?"

"Young Mistress, I—"

"I didn't bother lowering myself to your level as I consider you still young and immature, but as it turns out, you don't seem to have any sign of repentance," Ye Yuwei uttered. She stood upright and looked down at the girl with a pale face. "Alright, remember, I'm threatening you now. You can go ahead and add one more charge on me, I'll be waiting."

Once she finished, Ye Yuwei turned around swiftly and walked away.

Bai Xiaolian froze on the spot, tremendously shaken. The mop in her hand dropped onto the floor.

"Auntie Qian, I suddenly crave for spicy fried rabbit meat," Ye Yuwei said as she went upstairs.

Auntie Qian was still a little dazed because she had never seen Ye Yuwei like this. "Okay, I'll make it for you."

When she heard her order, Bai Xiaolian's legs weakened and she dropped onto the floor, tears flowing like a river, obviously shaken.

The rest of the maids were gossiping in whispers among each other, but none of them were willing to help her. They had worked at the Gu Mansion for a long time and yet, they had never seen Young Mistress getting agitated. As for the girl who had aimed for the CEO since the first day she was recruited, she had irritated every single one of them.

Ye Yuwei entered the children's bedroom to wake them up from their afternoon nap. When she went in, Ye Xicheng was already wide awake. He crouched on the rag, watching the TV on mute.

Xixi was still sound asleep, curled up like a little hedgehog. Ye Yuwei took a glimpse at her and went to sit with her son. "Why aren't you asleep?"

"Mommy, you were angry just now," Ye Xicheng remarked without a doubt as he shifted his eyes from the TV to Ye Yuwei.

Ye Yuwei was taken aback. She glanced at the open door and reached over to hug her son into her embrace. "I'm not angry. Did you hear me get angry?"

"You once told me that anger doesn't necessarily mean an obvious mood fluctuation. I'm certain you were angry," Ye Xicheng stated.

Ye Yuwei was stunned and began, "I'm not angry, it's just a fair warning. Otherwise, you'll always be bullied."

"Did she bully you?" Ye Xicheng immediately became excited, his whole body mobilizing as if he was going to fight for his mommy at any moment.

Ye Yuwei smiled in satisfaction. She hugged her son tightly and accompanied him as he watched TV. "No, do you think she can bully me?"

Although he was skeptical, Ye Xicheng chose to believe in his mommy, because based on what he saw, the girl was no match for his mommy at all.

After a while, Xixi finally woke up. The little girl got up and rubbed her sleepy eyes. She wanted to burst out crying, but when she saw Ye Yuwei, she swallowed her tears back and stretched her arms out, calling for her mommy.

Ye Yuwei raised to her feet and hugged her daughter. Xixi leaned on Ye Yuwei's shoulder to get rid of her sleepiness. Once she was energized, she went to her brother to play.

Ye Yuwei looked down at her watch. It's only half-past three. Time crawled by slowly at home. She wanted to go back to work, or she would go crazy out of boredom at home.

She decided to talk to Gu Juexi when he got home. Even if she didn't go to the bank, she must find something to do.

Auntie Yuan had asked a maid to look after the children. There was literally nothing Ye Yuwei could do in the house now.

Looking at Ye Yuwei, who was heaving a sigh of boredom, Auntie Yuan chuckled and said, "Since you are free, go shopping with Madam."


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