The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1135 Don’t You Dare Stir up Trouble in Our School Forum
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1135 Don’t You Dare Stir up Trouble in Our School Forum

Xiaolian's face turned pale.

"At first, I thought you were pitiful so I gave you this job, but now I realize that it's the well-educated people like you that are cunning and sly. I don't think you are suitable for this job. I'll clear your salary, so just go." Butler Kim waved his hand in irritation. He was obviously disgusted by Xiaolian's behavior.

"Butler Kim, I… Please, I really need this job. Please, I'm begging you, don't fire me," Bai Xiaolian pleaded, tears streaming down her face.

"What did I tell you when I hired you?" 

"Don't bother Young Master and don't offend Young Mistress," Bai Xiaolian mumbled.

"And what did you do? You put yourself in his way whenever Young Master came back. Not just that, but you've offended Young Mistress repeatedly. I'm warning you, don't get me in trouble and just leave before Young Master gets angrier," Butler Kim reprimanded indignantly.

Bai Xiaolian stood by the door, her face pale. She couldn't believe she had been fired just like that.

Ye Yuwei glanced at the doorway and the girl who stood there, stunned. She grinned and continued her meal.

"Are you happy?" Gu Juexi said suddenly.

"A little, I guess," Ye Yuwei replied, unable to completely disguise the glee in her voice.

"This was all it took? Just eat." Gu Juexi despised Ye Yuwei's easy-to-please mentality.

Ye Yuwei was dumbstruck. She already gave credit where credit was due, so what else did he want?

After dinner, Ye Xicheng hurriedly headed to the stairs. He couldn't wait to get to his room to hold his Black Panther toy and watch the movie.

As Ye Xicheng was halfway up the stairs, Ye Yuwei shouted, "You've watched movies the whole day, you can continue tomorrow."

"Mommy—" Ye Xicheng leaned against the stairs, his sad puppy eyes pleading silently.

Ye Yuwei didn't give in. He'd been watching TV all day and it was bad for his eyesight.

Ye Xicheng clasped the handrail tightly, stalemating with his mom. After a while, he admitted defeat and walked down the stairs reluctantly.

Gu Juexi and Wen Jie did not intervene in the children's upbringing. The two children had been raised by Ye Yuwei since the very beginning and she had done well. Their intervention might only do more harm than good.

Ye Xicheng ran to Wen Jie and collapsed into her embrace. He wanted to watch movies, but Mommy didn't allow him to.

Wen Jie cradled Ye Xicheng gently as she planted kisses on his chubby cheeks. "It's alright, we'll watch movies tomorrow. Play with your sister tonight."

"I don't want to, he doesn't want to play with me. I'll wait for Brother Yuan Mo," Xixi whined as she sat on the rug and played with her dolls. Her tone was scornful.

Ye Xicheng immediately regained his composure. He swiftly hopped off Wen Jie's lap and ran to his sister. "What do you want to play? Let's play together."

Who could take away his identity as a brother?

No one!

Gu Juexi leaned back against the couch, editing something on his phone. He wanted to go to the study, but his wife, children, and mother were here in the living hall, so he stayed put.

Ye Yuwei leaned over Gu Juexi's shoulder curiously. "What are you doing?"

Gu Juexi instantly leaned away from her and put space between them as he continued doing whatever he was doing on his phone. "You'll find out later."

Ye Yuwei shot him a glare as she sat beside him. She took the orange on the table and slowly peeled the skin off.

"Don't you dare stir up trouble in our school forum," Ye Yuwei warned icily as she peeled the orange.


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