The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1160 The Talk With Her Mother-In-Law II
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1160 The Talk With Her Mother-In-Law II

"Sorry, Mom," Ye Yuwei apologized as soon as she realized that her tone might have sounded too harsh. 

But Wen Jie just chuckled. "I know what you are thinking. I admit that I wasn't really decisive back then, or I would have searched for the truth. I should have, at least for Gu Juexi's sake, at least for him to know why he was picked on by his father," Wen Jie sighed and leaned against the headboard of her bed. 

That was exactly what Ye Yuwei had in mind.

At the end of the day, she still felt sorry for Gu Juexi for what he had been through. 

If this whole saga only took place because of the last generation, then the innocents who were involved and affected by it would be Nalan Chunbo and Gu Juexi. 

"But has it occurred it you that the deceased, a fourteen-year-old child, might not be able to rest in peace if I ever looked for the truth?" Wen Jie held Ye Yuwei's hand and said, "there are times when we can't get the best of both worlds, Wei Wei, even though this was unfair for Juexi." 

"But Mom, is it really worth it to let Gu Juexi take all the consequences for someone who was not worthy?" Ye Yuwei knew that by 'someone who was not worthy' she was referring to her own aunt, but she would always choose to feel sorry for Gu Juexi over someone whose mind was so distorted. 

Gu Juexi was a very stubborn man, but he knew his boundaries. He knew when not to cross the line. 

Wen Jie kept quiet this time. 

Was it worth it? 

It wasn't, but she had not been given a choice. 

When she was feeling bitter and jaded about the world, a man showed up and was nice to her. No one would understand how it felt to be saved, no one! 

Ye Yuwei looked at Wen Jie who face has turned ashen and held her hands. "The one thing that Gu Tianmu did wrong was that he cared for you so much that he didn't dare to verify the facts. He was afraid of getting answers that might be he couldn't accept. He was afraid that you really were planning to elope. You chose someone who you thought was nice to you over someone who truly loved you, and you shut the poor man out completely."

Wen Jie lowered her gaze, but her trembling hands exposed her true emotions. She held Ye Yuwei's hands so tightly that Ye Yuwei's hands began to hurt, but she did not pull away. 

"The only mistake that Gu Tianmu ever made was to care too much about you. If that was an unforgivable mistake, then I should have hundreds and thousands of reasons to not forgive Gu Juexi," Ye Yuwei said with a straight face, hoping to mend the relationship between her mother-in-law and Gu Tianmu.

The room went dead silent. 

It was raining outside, and the only sound in the room was the raindrops hitting the window. 

The weather had made the atmosphere in the room even gloomier. 

"A married couple only suspects each other because they care for each other, Mom. Expressing doubts would make the couple closer to each other, while holding them in could lead to an unhappy marriage. It has been decades, Mom. Isn't it enough?" Ye Yuwei asked softly as she put Wen Jie's pillow in place and helped her lie down. 

Wen Jie laid down on the bed with her eyes closed and her brows knitted. 

"You once told me that doubt was the last thing that is ever wanted in a marriage, and that I should talk to Gu Juexi. Besides doubt, jealousy is definitely also unwanted in a marriage. It is just talking. If Gu Juexi and I could do it, why can't you and Gu Tianmu? After all, there is Gu Juexi connecting the both of you."


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