The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1164 Sorry for Bothering You, Language Guru
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1164 Sorry for Bothering You, Language Guru

Ye Yuwei was arranging documents and looked at Xiao Yaojing innocently when she was suddenly asked the question. 

"My children needed a father," Ye Yuwei answered simply. 

"Didn't you have two others on the bench? Aren't both of them better than Gu Juexi?" Xiao Yaojing interrogated Ye Yuwei with her hands on her table. 

Ye Yuwei couldn't actually answer that question. 

"Could it be because of Princess Pink's diamond?" Xiao Yaojing teased and lifted Ye Yuwei's chin, "did you fall for the power of the purse?" 

"Princess Pink's diamond?" Ye Yuwei slapped Xiao Yaojing's hand off her chin and asked. 

"Didn't you hear? Your man spent a fortune to buy a love rock from a 'Princess Pink' from who-knows-what country," said Xiao Yaojing, then shut her mouth when she remembered PA Wen warning her about keeping the CEO's proposal a secret from Ye Yuwei. 

"Princess Pink? Tell me about it!" Ye Yuwei shouted at Xiao Yaojing as she hurried away to continue her work. 

Xiao Yaojing turned to look at Ye Yuwei smilingly. "Just pretend that you didn't hear anything. All you need to know is that you would be wearing the equivalent of a courtyard at the second ring road of A City if your man proposed to you."

A courtyard at the second ring road of A City, that was worth… 

Realizing that the amount could be bigger than the total of what the bank collected from its debtors, Ye Yuwei gulped unconsciously. 

Xiao Yaojing took out her laptop and sat down on a couch not far away from Ye Yuwei. 

"Remember, poverty didn't just limit our creativity, but also our sanity," Xiao Yaojing said cheerfully as she looked at Ye Yuwei who was still hyperventilating over the value of the diamond. 

Many years later when Ye Yuwei's son would spend nearly a billion on a wedding gown for her daughter-in-law, everyone would think that he had lost his mind, except Ye Yuwei who knew that he had inherited this 'generosity' from his father. 

A ring that was worth an exorbitant amount and an island that was priceless. What more had Gu Juexi planned even before the actual proposal? 

Being in charge of the fund transfer, Ye Yuwei followed Gu Juexi and his team to U State for the execution of the agreements. 

U State was a country so small that Ye Yuwei had not even heard about it. She knew about the country that was smaller than every state in China only after she looked at the world map. 

Gu Juexi brought an interpreter along, and because land matters were involved, Gu Juexi also brought along the heads of the relevant departments. It seemed like the acquisition of the island required more than just money. 

Ye Yuwei didn't know how it worked exactly, but Gu Juexi did so all she had to do was to release the funds when Gu Juexi instructed her to. 

The execution took about seven to eight hours. Ye Yuwei had grown to admire the interpreter for being able to translate something she didn't understand at all. 

Interpreters normally charged a lot more for rare languages, and their charges were around twenty to thirty thousand for an hourly basis. Ye Yuwei was shocked at the charges and regretted not having picked up any foreign languages earlier. 

Gu Juexi loosened his tie while looking at Ye Yuwei who had sat down by the side of the bed and was taking off her heels. 

"You are only talented in maths, so forget about foreign languages," said Gu Juexi meanly. 

"Nonsense. My English was not bad back in high school, and I speak four languages," said Ye Yuwei. 

"I speak sixteen languages. Ever heard me talk about picking up foreign languages?" Gu Juexi walked towards his wardrobe and said while taking out his slippers. 

Ye Yuwei didn't know how to react. Sorry for bothering you, language guru.


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