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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1195 The Wedding II

"Dad—" Xiao Yaojing pulled her hands out of PA Wen's grasp. She knelt down and held her father's hands as she cried. Her tears drenched her cheeks and her makeup was smeared.

At the same time, Wen Tao knelt in front of Mr. Xiao and pulled Xiao Yaojing into his embrace. He had never seen her cry so much. He was only now realizing how heavy and serious Mr. Xiao's request was.

He promised himself he would devote his entire life to love Xiao Yaojing and to become the second man who loved her the most in this world.

Ye Yuwei looked downcast, feeling happy for her best friend but sad because of the tender display.

When she lowered her head, Gu Juexi leaned over and put the sapphire necklace around her neck. It was the only thing Ye Shu had left for her.

Ye Yuwei was caught by surprise as she felt the sudden cold of the chain around her neck. She stared at the sapphire as it shone in front of her eyes. She couldn't tell if she was feeling sad or grateful.

She was sad because she had never met her own father, Ye Shu.

She was grateful because Gu Juexi was there with her: the man who would always love her.

Ye Yuwei composed herself when Ye Xicheng returned to their seats with Xixi. Xixi hopped onto Gu Juexi's lap and asked her father to take a picture of her. She wanted to show Yuan Mo the cute pink dress she was wearing today.

Ye Xicheng sat quietly beside Ye Yuwei, an obedient boy that melted others' hearts.

Mr. Xiao's eyes were red and watery when he returned to his seat.

The guests were deeply moved by the scene. After Mr. Xiao took his seat, Mrs. Xiao grabbed his hand. Nothing was more emotional than giving a daughter away.

Luckily, the emcee did an amazing job of warming up the crowd. Within the short period of time that Xiao Yaojing went to touch up her makeup, the emcee had hyped up the mood and energized the guests. He was telling jokes and the hall was shaking with the guests' laughter.

Ye Yuwei glanced at the couple standing on the stage. She felt genuinely happy for her friend.

Every little girl dreamed of walking down the aisle with her father who would give her away to the love of her life. She didn't have a father though. During the first wedding with Gu Juexi, she walked down the aisle alone, walking towards a man who had no intention of marrying her.

There was no one there to ask Gu Juexi to treat her nicely.

Ye Xicheng reached out and grasped his mommy's hand while looking up at her.

Ye Yuwei smiled warmly at her son. She patted his head and said, "Great job, my dear. You led your sister well too, I'm very proud of you."

Ye Xicheng smiled shyly, feeling proud and ecstatic from his mother's praise.

The couple exchanged their wedding rings. It was an exclusive Darry Ring that a man could only buy once in his lifetime. It was also Wen Tao's promise to Xiao Yaojing.

After the exchange of rings, the couple kissed. Since that was also the end of the bridesmaids' and best men's duty, Wen Shan got off the stage and sat next to Ye Xicheng.

"What's wrong?" Ye Yuwei whispered discreetly, not wanting to alert the elders.

Wen Shan knew today was her brother's big day, so she had to put on a happy face throughout the ceremony. Now Ye Yuwei had triggered her emotions, and her disguise slowly crumpled.

Instantly, Ye Yuwei got to her feet and left the table, taking Wen Shan with her.

The lounge was empty and quiet at the moment.

Wen Shan leaned against the wall with her downcast eyes, fidgeting her fingers. 

Ye Yuwei wanted to be straightforward but she was afraid of upsetting Wen Shan, so she thought hard about what to say.

However, before she could figure out what to say, Wen Shan dropped her head on Ye Yuwei's shoulder and cried. Her tears flowed endlessly, a stark contrast to the wide smile she had on stage just a few minutes ago.Darry Ring is a jewelry company originating from China which restricts the sales of engagement rings to one ring per person, per lifetime.


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