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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1214 Brother?

Gu Juexi stared deep into Ye Yuwei's eyes, processing her statement.

"Love is sacred. There shouldn't be any impurities in love, be it gratitude or guilt. Gu Juexi, my love for you has always been pure and direct, what about you?" Ye Yuwei gave him a peck on the lips.

She wanted to clarify it before the proposal and their second wedding. 

She didn't want to waste a second or a third or even several decades of time on this issue.

In their first decade together, they had stumbled around like a headless chicken on their journey. He had hurt her deeply yet she didn't let go of him.

Gu Juexi felt passion for this woman flood into him like a wave.

What about him?

This woman who had brought him despair and agony, how could he not love her?

He had developed a lot of indescribable feelings—feelings he had learned from Ye Yuwei.

Wasn't this love?

Gu Juexi didn't answer her question. Instead, he flipped them over and pressed her under him. He revealed his answer through his beastly intimacy.

Ye Yuwei had a hunch that she would not be able to get out of bed tomorrow. This man was crazy!

Gu Juexi was indeed crazy, but within his madness, there was a hint of lucidity.

They had walked on a difficult journey where they stumbled and fell for a sole purpose, to figure out what was love.

Now, he had figured it out.

The woman underneath him was the love of his life. Nothing was going to change his love for her.

After a tiresome night, Ye Yuwei woke up with a start. She felt a breeze of cold but comfortable air hit her stomach.

"Don't move." Gu Juexi held her calf with his warm hand under the blanket, while his other hand was fumbling around, applying ointment on her.

Ye Yuwei wailed and fell back onto the bed heavily. She didn't want to see his face in bed for the following month.


"Be quiet." Gu Juexi looked up and glared at her.

Ye Yuwei frowned at him, wanting to curse him. She doubted he would be quiet in this situation, especially since he was being so rough. Was he really applying ointment or deliberately tearing her apart?

"Why is it so fragile?" Gu Juexi asked in a muffled voice. He found out that that delicate part of her had turned red and swollen when he carried her for a bath after their final round.

Ye Yuwei was so enraged she wanted to kick him, but she gave up the idea because of the pain in her inner thighs and lady parts. 

Did he not know how many rounds he had done? How dare he complain about her?

After applying the ointment, Gu Juexi leaned back and put the ointment on the table. He bowed down and pressed a light kiss to Ye Yuwei's swollen lips. His current aura was completely different compared to yesterday.

Ye Yuwei also noticed a subtle joy in his eyes.

Ye Yuwei was in so much pain, she didn't dare to move her legs. She cursed the man over and over again in her heart. Her current embarrassing posture resembled someone in labor.

Gu Juexi turned around and sat down on the bed. He stretched out his arms to pull Ye Yuwei gently into his embrace. She slowly straightened her legs and the pain that hit her had her cursing out loud.

Her curse was rude and inappropriate, but Gu Juexi just smiled at her, amused. He would probably find her cute even if she swore like a thug.

Well, Ye Yuwei was right. She was fully aware that for men, there was nothing that intimacy couldn't solve.

"Where are Xixi and Xicheng?" Ye Yuwei asked him directly.

"Brother took them out, I guess they won't return until evening," Gu Juexi said gently.



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