The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1228 Which Part of Him Was Handsome, Anyway?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1228 Which Part of Him Was Handsome, Anyway?

Yu Jiangqing!

Ye Yuwei gritted her teeth and cursed his name silently. Was that man born to be her nemesis?

"Xicheng." Ye Yuwei squatted down and looked at her son in his eyes. "You are still young. If your decision remains the same when you grow up, I'll definitely support you, but—" Before her son managed a satisfied grin, Ye Yuwei added, "I hope you make this decision for yourself, not for your daddy."

Ye Xicheng tilted his head slightly. He didn't answer his mommy's question because he didn't know how to convince her. He could wait until he was older to talk about this again.

Since her son didn't respond, Ye Yuwei stood up, held his little hand and walked forward.

"Gu Juexi is here! I saw him just now, he is so handsome."

"Yes! He's with our school leaders. He looks so handsome today."

"Argh! I'm jealous of our senior. She can look at his handsome face all day long."

Ye Yuwei and Ye Xicheng exchanged glances.

Which part of him was handsome, anyway?

"Mommy, why are the students in your school so naive and foolish?" Ye Xicheng asked disdainfully.

Ye Yuwei chuckled. Although she was one of Gu Juexi's fangirls back then, she had never been obsessed like them.

"Gu Juexi is going to the auditorium! I'm so jealous of the Economics students, argh!" A girl screamed as she grabbed her friend's arm.

The front row of the auditorium was reserved for the students of the School of Economics, so they had the opportunity to see Gu Juexi up close.

Ye Xicheng stopped despising the foolish girls because there were too many of them.

Ye Yuwei looked at her stressed son with a smile. She bent down to pick him up and headed to the auditorium.

She knew that Gu Juexi would choose the auditorium as his venue.

The speech would start at 10.30 am and end at 11.50 am. Many people were rushing towards the auditorium right now.

Ye Yuwei, on the other hand, walked rather leisurely. There was still time anyway.

When Ye Yuwei arrived, the auditorium, which could hold thousands of people, was filled with people. There was even a large crowd at the entrance. Ye Yuwei pondered and eventually decided to use the staff passage.

PA Wen was looking for her. He quickly approached her when he bumped into her. "Madam, we're waiting for you."

"Waiting for me?" Ye Yuwei followed PA Wen curiously. "Why?"

PA Wen led Ye Yuwei to their destination quietly.

In Ye Yuwei's opinion, no matter how out of the box Gu Juexi was, he would arrange the marriage proposal at the end of the speech. This was just the beginning, wasn't it a little too early to look for her now?

When Ye Yuwei emerged with Ye Xicheng in her arms, Gu Juexi was already on the stage. Xixi was on the stage too, holding a small bottle and blowing bubbles. She didn't seem to mind the glances from the audience.

PA Wen led Ye Yuwei to the first row where Xiao Yaojing was sitting. She sat down beside Xiao Yaojing.

It was obvious how Gu Juexi spoiled his daughter rotten. How could he let her blow bubbles on the stage at a time like this?

Xiao Yaojing leaned against Ye Yuwei's shoulder and whispered, "All your man sees is his little princess, doesn't he?"

Ye Yuwei gave her a sideways glance, silently replying, 'You don't say?'

Xiao Yaojing rested her head on Ye Yuwei's shoulder as she muffled her laughter.


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