The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1230 What’s Wrong With Tacky? All That Matters Is That I Love Hearing I
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1230 What’s Wrong With Tacky? All That Matters Is That I Love Hearing I

"As for my wife, there was a big scandal in this university involving her some time ago, am I right?" Gu Juexi asked flatly, and the leaders below the stage broke into a cold sweat.

Ye Yuwei gave him a warning stare that said, 'Enough! Can't you give a speech properly?'

Gu Juexi gave her a warm smile in return. It was a moment of loving tenderness.

Who said Gu Juexi was cold and placid? It was simply because you were not the person who triggered his warmth.

Xiao Yaojing cursed under her breath. Was this man here to commit a crime? A love crime?

The bubbles that Xixi blew created a heartwarming stage effect. The little girl's giggles resonated across the stage, becoming Gu Juexi's background music.

"Here, I would like to declare that Mr. Gu's achievements today are only because of Mrs. Gu's dedication. No one can replace her." Gu Juexi turned and looked at Ye Yuwei when he said it.

Ye Yuwei felt a tug in her heart, and her eyes glazed over.

"Those who are interested in my personal affairs will know that during the six years Gu Enterprise suffered great damage, my wife was not in B City," Gu Juexi stated, looking back at the chart above. "This is what I want to tell you: a person who can't manage his personal feelings can't put his heart and soul into his work. The Gu Juexi you idolize and admire, the so-called godlike Gu Juexi? The fact is that without Mrs. Gu, he is nothing."

Gu Juexi boldly stated each word, loud and clear.

Ye Yuwei tightened her hold on her son. He said that no one could replace Mrs. Gu. He said that without Mrs. Gu, he was nothing.

Did this man have to mention her importance in each of his remarks?

"Today, I want to share a story that you all are curious about, the story that the media wants to get their hands on. The story of Mr. and Mrs. Gu," Gu Juexi said, giving another signal. PA Wen manned the controls and on the display was a picture of a massive fire, the only picture that he could find about the fire.

Ye Yuwei's eyes widened and she gaped in surprise as she stared at the picture.

"This is—" Xiao Yaojing glanced at Ye Yuwei involuntarily.

"It is rumored that Mrs. Gu married Mr. Gu because she gave her liver to Mr. Gu's mother. This was where Mr. and Mrs. Gu met for the first time." Gu Juexi turned around and pointed at the picture. "That year, Mrs. Gu was ten and Mr. Gu was eighteen. Their second meeting before their marriage was during Mr. Gu's first speech. Mr. Gu stood on a stage, and Mrs. Gu hid in a corner under the stage. That year, Mrs. Gu was eighteen and Mr. Gu was twenty-six."

"Does your man plan to reveal your entire past? That's so tacky," Xiao Yaojing teased.

Ye Yuwei glared at her. "What's wrong with tacky? All that matters is that I love hearing it."

Xiao Yaojing glared back at her. These two were hopeless and beyond saving.

The next picture was Ye Yuwei's book and the names in it.

Ye Yuwei was mortified. Xiao Yaojing grinned, "You said you loved it, do you still love it now? Now the whole university knows that you wrote Gu Juexi's name in your freshman textbook and you even draw a heart around it. You were so cheesy. Do you still love his tackiness?"

Ye Yuwei lowered her head in embarrassment. She wanted to dig a hole and bury herself there.

This was why Gu Juexi spent the entire evening searching for the book?

Did he ever think about her reputation beforehand?


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