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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1292 It’s Disgusting

Ye Yuwei grinned before heading out of the Control Room. She heard Gu Juexi's annoyance when she went out of the room.

"I pay you so much to guard my home. Why can't you do your job properly? Why are you allowing literally anyone to enter the mansion?"

Ye Yuwei followed him quietly but did not approach the scene. She was afraid that she would be blamed as well if she approached him.

She could see how infuriated Gu Juexi was.

But then again, she would be disgusted too if she ever encountered such a pervert.

What more Gu Juexi?

However, Ye Yuwei never thought that Lin Ximei was perverted like that. She always heard about male perverts in the news, but she never would have thought that perverts like that existed among women too. She had even broken into others' houses to steal people's shirts.

Ye Yuwei felt that Gu Juexi might rush off to kill Lin Ximei if they ever discovered that any of his other clothes were missing, especially his underwear.

Gu Juexi scolded the guards furiously. Some guards were fired right there and then. The head of the security department stood there, trembling in fear. He did not know what was missing in Gu Juexi's mansion.

Ye Yuwei went over to hold Gu Juexi's arm when it was time. Gu Juexi's anger subsided when Ye Yuwei wrapped her fingers around his arm, and he calmed down swiftly. 

The trembling guards looked at Ye Yuwei gratefully, then they quickly left the scene.

Gu Juexi rested his hands on his waist. Disgust was written all over his face.

Ye Yuwei held his arm more tightly. "There must be someone else working with Lin Ximei. She couldn't possibly escape from you so easily."

Gu Juexi was still taking deep breaths. Suddenly, he took off towards the car park. Ye Yuwei stopped him. "Where are you going?"

"To go and look for Lin Ximei," said Gu Juexi. He shook off Ye Yuwei's hands. 'If I sit by quietly while she fantasizes about me with my clothes, I wouldn't be Gu Juexi!'

Ye Yuwei opened her mouth, but she could not stop him. At last, she could only sigh.

'It's better for him to get his anger out at Lin Ximei rather than have him throw a fit at home.'

Ye Yuwei was thinking about that problem while she was on her way back home. She felt like there was something wrong. They might have made a false assumption.

The reason why Nalan Jing reappeared after all these years might be because of what happened in the past. It was related to the people in the past too. Mother had defended her aunt's reputation with her innocence, but Gu Juexi had ruined her aunt's reputation by following her father's clues and hints. So it was reasonable for Nalan Jing to reappear in their lives. 

If that event had never happened, Nalan Jing might never have showed up.

So Nalan Jing planned to live with the memory of her aunt for the rest of his life. It was for the best if everybody forgot about what happened in the past and lived their own lives peacefully.

But her father had plotted everything for Wen Jie's sake and also to save her aunt from her sins. However, her father never thought that his love for her aunt would push him past insanity. In the end, he claimed that everything was her aunt's fault.

Still, Ye Yuwei could not understand why there was a person who had disguised herself as Wen Lan all of a sudden. She also could not figure out why Wen Lan chose to fake her death before Mother and Father married each other. Wen Lan had even brought out a fake Gu Tianmu at that time. It seemed like all of these issues were still left in the dark.

Gu Tianmu had planned to kill Ye Yuwei at that time, so Gu Juexi got nervous and confronted the person who impersonated Wen Lan too soon. 

Ye Yuwei realized that whoever was behind all this must be a horrible person. He had plotted everything perfectly and linked all the events together. However, Ye Yuwei still could not figure out what the link was.


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