The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1296 The Truth Would Be Revealed Tomorrow
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1296 The Truth Would Be Revealed Tomorrow

Ye Yuwei closed the lid of the pot. She turned around and leaned against the kitchen counter while waiting for the water to boil. "I honestly believe that Nalan Jing's reappearance has something to do with us accusing my aunt wrongly before, regardless of whether you believe it or not. If not, he would never appear in our lives. My aunt was accused wrongly. My brother is in denial. He wouldn't sit by and do nothing."

Gu Juexi always chose to deny or not reply when Ye Yuwei talked about that event, but this time he felt like there were a lot of loopholes in her assumptions. 

"So the person who threatened me before was the same one who threatened me at Shennongjia. It's Lin Ximei. She only had one purpose. She did not want you to investigate the event anymore. Moreover, she likes to use the same old tactic." Ye Yuwei turned back to the stove when the water started to boil. She put the noodles into the boiling water, then broke an egg and added it into the noodles. 

Gu Juexi watched Ye Yuwei's skillful movements. 'Why can't I cook like her?

'How did she break the egg like that? Why can't I do that?'

'Does the egg look down on me?'

Mr. Gu was rather annoyed.

Ye Yuwei soon finished cooking a bowl of noodles with tomato and egg and put it on the table. Gu Juexi did not eat the noodles just yet but chose to watch Ye Yuwei, who was now washing the pot.

It was not easy for Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei to be together. He did not care about Ye Di. If he did, it was impossible for them to be together. Hence, he did not care much about the truth behind whether Ye Di was wrongly accused, but this event was rather important for Nalan Chunbo. His wife cared deeply about that, so he could not sit by and do nothing about it.

After Ye Yuwei finished cleaning the kitchen, she gestured for Gu Juexi to eat noodles outside the kitchen. 

Mr. Gu had no choice but to do as he was asked, given that no servant stood by and took his order. Normally, Mr. Gu never did any house chores by himself. 

They went to the dining room. Ye Yuwei rubbed her chin while watching Gu Juexi eat his meal. "I still have my doubts. Gu Tianxin came to ask for your protection because of her fear of Nalan Jing. Why did she run away now?"

Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei while eating his meal. "What do you mean?"

"What I meant was, is there a possibility that Gu Tianxin wanted to tell us that Wen Lan is still alive? If not, how could we suspect Wen Lan after what happened now?" asked Ye Yuwei eagerly. She hoped that Gu Juexi could give her a reasonable answer.

They had almost confirmed that Ye Di was wrongly accused.

So they were still able to tell her brother what happened if he came back.

What they needed to do now was look for evidence to prove that the person Ye Di loved was Nalan Jing. Moreover, they needed to prove that Ye Di had nothing to do with the video. They did not have to bother about what happened next.

"But who asked her to act like that? It seems impossible that Wen Lan was the one who revealed her past," said Ye Yuwei, resting her head on the table. She was confused. "Aunt Gu is dead. Gu Tianxin revealed the past at that time. All the people involved are here too. I believe that it has nothing to do with Nalan Jing. Surely, Nalan Jing had no idea that Wen Lan is still alive." 

Gu Juexi looked at Ye Yuwei, who was sighing. It seemed that Ye Yuwei was distressed and had given up hope. He could not help but sneer. Ye Yuwei seemed to always admire old men no matter who they were, given how she trusted his father and Nalan Jing. 

"I don't care anymore. Father promised to meet Nalan Jing tomorrow. We need to know the truth from Nalan Jing before thinking about other stuff." Ye Yuwei took a deep breath and planned to give up thinking about the truth.

The truth would be revealed tomorrow.


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