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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1297 Planning to Give Up

Did Gu Tianmu promise to meet Nalan Jing?

Gu Tianmu told Gu Juexi that he agreed to meet with Nalan Jing when he left the house for the night. His father had not agreed to do so when he went to work that morning.

Ye Yuwei looked at Gu Juexi smugly. She was waiting for his acknowledgement.

Gu Juexi looked at his wife for a short while, then lowered his head and ate his noodles quietly.

Ye Yuwei was speechless.

What kind of reaction was that? She was the one who had persuaded Gu Tianmu. Why did he refuse to praise her?

Gu Juexi got up after he finished his meal. He pressed his hands on the table and leaned towards Ye Yuwei slowly.

Ye Yuwei leaned back subconsciously. Her back hit the chair, and she looked up at Gu Juexi, blinking rapidly.

"Are you my wife?" Gu Juexi asked suddenly.

Ye Yuwei wanted to shake her head.

It might not be a good thing.

"You're my wife. Your things belong to me and vice versa, so your accomplishments are basically my accomplishments. There's nothing wrong with that. Since I'm the one who did something, why should I clap for myself?" Gu Juexi murmured, then turned to leave.

Ye Yuwei was left speechless.

Why did she feel like there was something wrong somewhere?

Ye Yuwei looked at the dining table in front of her. She understood everything when she saw the pitiful bowl on the table.

"Gu Juexi." Ye Yuwei got up, walked up to Gu Juexi, and blocked his path. "Are you my husband?"

Gu Juexi nodded without any hesitation. He was much more assured than Ye Yuwei.

"Since you're my husband, you should do what I have to do. There's nothing wrong with that, right? Go and wash the bowl. I need to sleep now." Ye Yuwei smiled and turned to walk upstairs.

"Hey!" Gu Juexi stared at Ye Yuwei's back as she went upstairs, then turned to look at the bowl on the table. How dare she ask him to wash dishes?

'That woman is so daring!'

Ye Yuwei returned to her bedroom in a good mood. She picked up her phone and saw Wen Shan's reply to her previous message a few days ago.

[Wen Shan: Sister-in-law, I'm sorry. My phone ran out of battery a few days ago, that's why I did not see your message.

Wen Shan: I've returned to the school. I'm fine.

Wen Shan: You've helped me a lot, and I'm grateful to you, but there's no need for that now.]

Ye Yuwei bit her lip after reading Wen Shan's last message, then started typing out a reply.

[Brother Gu's wife: Are you really going to give up now?

Wen Shan: Sister-in-law, I'm not the one who made the decision. He's the one who doesn't need me anymore.

Wen Shan: I've made my decision. It's useless even if I like him. A one-sided love is not enough.

Wen Shan: He must hate me very much, so I don't want to annoy him anymore.

Wen Shan: It's what we call falling for a person. It's disgusting if we pester a person who hates us. It's called perseverance if we pester a person who might have returned our love. 

Wen Shan: So I've made my decision now, at last.

Brother Gu's wife: I apologize if my brother did anything wrong.

Wen Shan: There's no need for that, it was me who stubbornly insisted on going there. Thank you for giving me the chance.

Wen Shan: Now, I need to study harder. I went back to meet my supervisor, and he hopes that I could stay at the school and teach there. In fact, it's not easy for women to study Physics and do research. It's better if I go and be a teacher.

Brother Gu's wife: That's very good.

Wen Shan: Sister-in-law, I just came back. I'm quite tired, and I want to sleep now. Remember to sleep early.

Wen Shan: Hug.gif ]

Ye Yuwei looked at the GIF where two dumplings were hugging each other, then glanced at her unfinished message. Finally, she chose to delete the message.


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