The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1354 She Looked Better Without Him in Her Life
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1354 She Looked Better Without Him in Her Life

Wen Shan heard Ye Yuwei calling her name and turned to look at her curiously. 

"Have a safe trip back," Ye Yuwei said instead after hesitating. 

Wen Shan nodded, her smile fading away when she turned away from Ye Yuwei. She knew what Ye Yuwei had wanted to tell her, and she was grateful that she didn't, or she would be embarrassed to even face her. 

Wen Shan entered the lift and took a deep breath while leaning against the wall. She would be lying if she said she had not been nervous when she saw Nalan Chunbo earlier.

"You did well, Wen Shan. Keep it up," Wen Shan thought about how she did and said to herself encouragingly.

Ye Yuwei heaved a sigh after Wen Shan left. She caught the surprised look on Wen Shan's face when she had bumped into Nalan Chunbo, followed by the look that said that she had already given up. 

When a woman decides that she will not love again, she will not love again. 

The relationship between a couple depended on the giving end rather than the receiving end, and the end of a relationship came when the giving end decided that they wanted to give up. 

Nalan Chunbo spotted Wen Shan the moment she walked out of the hospital. Just as he was about to get down from his car, another car pulled over in front of Wen Shan, and a man got down from the car. 

The man looked around thirty and was wearing smart casual clothes with gold frame glasses. He looked like a gentleman. 

Wen Shan clutched the straps of her backpack and took a step back when the car stopped in front of her. She took another step back when she saw the person getting down from the car and bowed slightly to him. "Hi, Mr. Ding." 

Ding Junhui, an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics, once taught Wen Shan's class during her degree. Wen Shan acted like a good student when she saw Ding Junhui, who had once taught her. 

The gentle and elegant temperament of a university professor made Ding Junhui look slightly like Nalan Chunbo, though without the poshness that Nalan Chunbo had. 

"Are you sick?" Ding Junhui stared at Wen Shan as if trying to see if she was not feeling well. 

"No, no. I came to visit a friend. I will get going now, Mr. Ding," Wen Shan explained quickly, waving her hands in the air. 

"Need a lift? I am heading back to the university too," Ding Junhui stopped Wen Shan and asked. 

"It's rush hour now, you probably won't get a seat in the bus," Ding Junhui smiled elegantly and added when Wen Shan looked at him. 

Wen Shan realized what he said was true. 

"Thank you for the lift then." Wen Shan imagined how cramped it might be in the bus and got into Ding Junhui's car decisively. 

Ding Junhui started the car engine after Wen Shan got into the car and left the hospital after Wen Shan fastened her seatbelt. 

Nalan Chunbo drew back his hand that was on the car door handle. Wen Shan looked the same. In fact, she looked better without him in her life. 

Wen Shan, as a passenger, knew that she shouldn't just keep quiet in the car. As a chatterbox, she easily started a conversation and ended the awkward silence in the car. 

"Did you come to visit your friend?" Wen Shan asked. 

"I heard it from the head of your department that you confirmed staying to teach. That's good," Ding Junhui nodded and said.


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