The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1360 What Are You Worried About?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1360 What Are You Worried About?

Nalan Chunbo was about to put his cup down on the table and sit down in front of Ye Yuwei, and his hand shook when he heard what Ye Yuwei said. 

Ye Yuwei reached out to pull Xixi who was trying to get down from the sofa back into her arms. 

\"That's nice. Your close friends are only that few anyway,\" said Nalan Chunbo emotionlessly as if that was really what was on his mind. 

\"You said it was because of your past. What about now? I am not going to believe it if you tell me that you don't have feelings for Wen Shan at all.\" Ye Yuwei couldn't help but to roll her eyes at Nalan Chunbo. 

Nalan Chunbo leaned back against the sofa with his legs crossed and fingers intertwined, as if pondering what Ye Yuwei said. 

\"She deserves a better man and a better life,\" Nalan Chunbo said pleasantly as he recalled his encounter with Wen San in the hospital. 

And a university professor sounded like an ideal candidate, more so when the professor taught in the Department of Mathematics. 

It was just her type. 

\"Did something happen, Brother?\" Ye Yuwei asked when she noticed that Nalan Chunbo was speaking with a forked tongue. 

\"Nothing. I am just happy at how good the arrangement is. I will go back to Country X after your wedding. I will sell off the house and maybe visit Nalan Jing.\" 

The man sitting in front of Ye Yuwei was smiling as elegantly as he always did, but this time there was also something else in his smile, something that even Ye Yuwei couldn't identify. 

\"Brother, Wen Shan is actually—\"

\"There are plenty of people who are good at maths, and she just needed some time to figure out the difference between someone she likes and someone she loves,\" Nalan Chunbo interrupted Ye Yuwei, his tone a little harsh. 

Ye Yuwei let Xixi who was struggling to get out of her arms climb down from the sofa, her mind going blank for a second at what Nalan Chunbo said. 

What did Nalan Chunbo mean? 

\"She only liked me because of math all this while and she was stressed about that. I wouldn't be as important if someone who is better at math shows up,\" said Nalan Chunbo bitterly. 

Ye Yuwei actually couldn't argue with Nalan Chunbo for what he said was true. He had described Wen Shan accurately, and it was true that Wen Shan had only gone after him because she was obsessed with people who were good at math. 

\"But she said she had the vision of eternity when she saw you, maybe it wasn't just because you are good at math—\" 

\"Only women believe in the vision of eternity. The vision of eternity is not real, and she will find another man who she likes sooner or later,\" said Nalan Chunbo, who clearly sounded like he didn't want to continue the conversation. 

So Ye Yuwei swallowed her words. She was not stupid and could tell that her brother was not comfortable with the topic of conversation.

\"But there is no one else Gu Juexi can go to if you refuse to be his best man. He doesn't have many friends, and it was also me who got Brother Qian to be his other best man,\" said Ye Yuwei unhappily. 

\"It is so pathetic to have no friends,\" Nalan Chunbo raised his brows and scoffed. 

Ye Yuwei was speechless when she realized that Gu Juexi didn't feel pathetic about having no friends at all. In fact, she felt like Gu Juexi was actually happy about it. 

\"I thought you would ask Lu Qichuan. What a combo it would be since both of them had pursued you,\" said Nalan Chunbo. 

Ye Yuwei could only blink in shock. She hugged the throw pillow and stared at the ceiling blankly, picturing how her wedding might end if she had done what Nalan Chunbo said.

\"Brother Lu has a daughter,\" Ye Yuwei explained finally.

\"Are you saying that you would make him the best man if he didn't have a child?\" asked Nalan Chunbo, pretending to look at Ye Yuwei in disbelief. 

Ye Yuwei wanted to explain herself further but decided not to in the end. 

\"I am telling you that you are the only one now who can be his best man. What are you worried about if you don't care about her?\"


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