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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1387 I Do

Because, in the past, she had wanted to get a divorce. Gu Juexi's reaction was basically: I am already married to you, and in doing so, you are officially my wife. So why do you want to divorce me?

A very… uncommon outlook on the matter.

Ye Yuwei assumed that Gu Juexi might have felt this way because in his mind, his life journey with her was what mattered the most.

Their first meeting must have been fated. Fated that she would one day become his wife.

The MC's smile was strained as he asked Ye Yuwei, \"What about the bride?\"

Ye Yuwei didn't break Gu Juexi's gaze. She thought for a moment before speaking. \"Troublemaker. He's a troublemaker who I'll love deeply until the day I die.\"

The audience went silent.

They took the bait.

The MC's awkward yet polite smile finally faded. Anyone who could marry Gu Juexi was not a nice person.

He wasn't wrong. That person wasn't nice, that person was Ye Yuwei.

She maintained her elegant smile.

To marry Gu Juexi and still be a nice person?

Was that the joke of the nation?

The MC wasn't someone who would easily admit defeat though. He might have lost this battle but as long as he put in more effort, he might just win the war.

\"Now let's ask Mrs. Gu. What do you like about this person? His poisonous tongue? His heart full of hatred? His paranoia? Most importantly, the fact that he doesn't have any friends?\"

The audience were all left in shock. He had guts to be this straightforward when talking about CEO Gu's qualities. His bravery was admirable.

Ye Yuwei silently gave the MC a thumbs up. It was a brilliant performance.

But CEO Gu's unique trait was that the words that came out from his mouth and his thoughts were not the same. That had not been mentioned by the MC.

\"I'm very happy. Happy that he treats all of you equally with a poisonous tongue, a heart full of hatred, and paranoia. I'm also very happy that he doesn't have friends. It's because of all those things that he is mine and only mine. If he leaves me, there's no way he can ever survive,\" Ye Yuwei said confidently.

The MC was speechless.

The audience were speechless.

Such heartwarming words.

Gu Juexi looked down at his wife, whose eyes were filled with love and passion.

The MC felt as if his heart had been pierced by those words.

\"Alright, let's ask the groom, regarding the things you've previously done, is there anything you would like to comment on?\" The MC blurted out.

Gu Juexi took the MC's words lightly. \"No, I don't regret anything. All those things made me appreciate her even more. Compared to relationships that don't face any obstacles, I feel that my relationship with her made me stronger and made me pledge my love for her for eternity.\"

Ye Yuwei felt touched as she stared lovingly at him.

The MC took a deep breath. This was heartwarming indeed.

\"Old man, begin the event already. If you keep this up, your heart is going to explode,\" Yu Jiangqing reminded him. He came alone because Ding Ning wasn't willing to follow him.

Ye Yuwei received the wedding gifts that Ding Ning had delivered before the wedding ceremony. It just showed that Yu Jiangqing still had a long way ahead of him.

The MC glared at Yu Jiangqing.

\"Alright, the tea has been spilled but before I end this session, I have some words I would like to say to our newlyweds. This man here has a bad temper and his personality isn't too impressive, but once he has his mind set on doing something, he will dedicate his entire life to pursuing it. So, my lady, do you want to marry this kind of man?\"

Ye Yuwei and Gu Juexi gazed at each other, unable to look away.

\"I do.\" Ye Yuwei spoke the words slowly. Those words would bind their future together.

The second Ye Yuwei said those words, Gu Juexi smiled. His joy was so intense it could light up the room.


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