The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1390 You Don’t Even Have a Boyfriend
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1390 You Don’t Even Have a Boyfriend

\"Mom, just eat your rice!\" Wen Tao grumbled.

Mrs. Wen stared at her son. \"You are already married, so shouldn't you be worried about your younger sister now instead? She's so old already!\"

PA Wen gritted his teeth.

Such painful accusations.

Xiao Yaojing held back her laughter and looked at PA Wen, then at her mother-in-law. \"I also think that he's quite handsome.\"

PA Wen gently pinched Xiao Yaojing. 'Which part of him is handsome? Is he more handsome than me?'

He was angry!

Mrs. Wen didn't reply and PA Wen immediately forced Xiao Yaojing to stand up.

\"Mom, Jing Jing's not feeling too well so I will take her to the doctor. Also, just because he's a guy, it doesn't mean he automatically qualifies to be called handsome. Is he as handsome as your own son?\" After saying that, PA Wen dragged Xiao Yaojing away.

Xiao Yaojing stared at him, stunned.

Mrs. Wen was also speechless.

Oh my, is he… Jealous?

PA Wen pulled Xiao Yaojing out the front door just as Gu Juexi and Ye Yuwei were about to walk back in.

\"What are you doing?\" Gu Juexi asked with a raised eyebrow.

\"Jing Jing is not feeling well, so I am taking her to the doctor. We wish you a happy wedding.\" PA Wen nodded and smiled.

Gu Juexi looked at Xiao Yaojing. She hadn't said a word, and it was PA Wen who looked worried.

PA Wen took Xiao Yaojing to the car park. Xiao Yaojing turned to look at the people who were just entering the hall.

\"It feels like your President was looking at me as if something was off.\"

PA Wen helped her into the car before closing the car door behind her.

\"It's only bizarre if he were to not look at someone that way,\" PA Wen muttered. He immediately fired up the engine and began driving out.

\"Do you think you have the courage to walk in and strike a conversation with him?\"

PA Wen swallowed and didn't answer.

It would be awkward.

He's not dumb. How could he possibly walk up to his president and talk about such stuff? So far, only Xiao Yaojing was daring enough to do that.

\"That's why we complement one another,\" PA Wen reasoned while driving.

Xiao Yaojing looked at her husband. Why was he being so charming?

PA Wen and Xiao Yaojing went to the hospital. After the afternoon lunch was the bouquet tossing ceremony. It was such a waste that Xiao Yaojing couldn't participate in it.

\"So what are you up to?\"

PA Wen who just parked in the hospital car park jolted when he heard those words.

Xiao Yaojing softly touched his face. \"Don't worry. Even if I did get the bouquet, I would have passed it to you.\"

After saying those words, she immediately got out of the car.

PA Wen sat there frozen.

Did he need the flowers?

Many would want that bouquet of flowers. It was speculated that Gu Juexi had ordered the bouquet from overseas. The lilies were very difficult to grow and they were worth three thousand yuan.

Ye Yuwei stood on the stage and looked at the people below her. Her gaze landed on Wen Shan who was prancing about with a smile.

\"Give it to me please!\"

She was the one who was so insistent on marrying a head of department.

\"Hah, you don't even have a boyfriend. So what do you want it for?\" Mo Fei folded her arms over her chest as she smirked.

\"What do you know? I need to be prepared. What if one day a handsome department head comes to my university? With this, I can just immediately pursue him!\"

Wen Shan's eyes were locked on the beautiful bouquet of flowers in Ye Yuwei's hands.

Mo Fei lifted her head and looked at Nalan Chunbo. That was not a bad wish at all.


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