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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1393 So Pitiful!

Wen Shan had brought along some people to disturb the couple in their room but when they reached, they found out that the couple had left.

Wen Shan was pissed off. She called Ye Yuwei just to be told that she had no idea where she was.

\"Sister—in—law, you're quite brave to leave just like that. Aren't you afraid that Brother Gu might sell you off?\" Wen Shan demanded.

Ye Yuwei leaned back in the passenger seat while holding Gu Juexi's hand. \"Nope. I'm not afraid. Plus, I bet he's not willing to part with me.\"

Wen Shan put her hand over her heart dramatically. \"Sister—in—law, is this how you treat a bachelorette?\"

Ye Yuwei laughed happily. Gu Juexi glanced at her and squeezed her hand, keeping his eyes locked on the road as he scoffed, \"I thought you would have gotten used to it by now.\"

\"Goodbye!\" Wen Shan yelled angrily as she cut the call.

Ye Yuwei smiled as the phone beeped. Gu Juexi's words were quite cruel.

But he was indeed a bitch to begin with. Ye Yuwei's bitch.

All the elderly people had left. Lu Qichuan, who had a daughter at home, left with Yu Jiangqing who was on his way back to his troop.

Mo Fei, Qian Yikun, and Wen Shan were nowhere to be seen. The only people in the villa were the guests of the event.

Gu Juexi did something very despicable at the villa today. Any guest which booked the villa for more than a week were welcome to attend the ceremony without an official invitation.

The prime example of a despicable person was indeed Gu Juexi.

In fact, when Wen Tao found out that Xiao Yaojing was pregnant, he didn't even have time to attend to her.

It was such a pity to be a bridesmaid.

Wen Shan was sitting near the flower bed with an overcoat over her shoulders. The usually crowded area was now quiet with very few people around.

She called Le Tian to ask if she could fetch her. Le Tian was the only one who would entertain her now.

Wen Shan lifted her head to look at the moon as time passed by. The difference was that she actually had the patience to wait now. She wondered how on Earth she had become like this.

In the past, she was always jolly and loud but now, she couldn't even recognize herself anymore.

Nalan Chunbo walked out of the villa, just having completed some work anonymously.

He caught a glimpse of Wen Shan who was sitting by the flower bed and instinctively walked towards her. \"Aren't you going home yet?\"

Wen Shan jolted in surprise and quickly stood up, almost tripping on her heels.

Nalan Chunbo paused and reached out to help Wen Shan balance herself but stopped and pulled his hand back.

\"I'm… I'm waiting for a friend. What about you, Mr. Nalan? Why haven't you gone home?\" Wen Shan asked. Today was the Mid-Autumn Festival but right now, their attention was completely on each other, forgetting the momentous event.

So pitiful!

\"I just finished some work,\" Nalan Chunbo replied, keeping some distance between them. \"I want to apologize for what happened that day.\"

Wen Shan unconsciously reached out to touch her neck. The wounds were long healed, only leaving behind a scar which had been covered today with a layer of makeup.

Wen Shan lifted her head and relaxed her hand. She smiled weakly and replied, \"It had nothing to do with you. If someone kept pestering me, I might have reacted worse than you.\"

\"Actually, during that time, I—\"

\"Wen Shan.\"


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