The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1395 She Was Indeed Very Lucky
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1395 She Was Indeed Very Lucky

The car pulled up at the research facility's hostel at one in the morning.

Ding Junhui pulled out a box with a beautiful packaging and held it out to Wen Shan as she was unbuckling her seatbelt. \"Happy Mid—Autumn festival.\"

Wen Shan was stunned for a moment. She didn't take the box in front of her. \"Teacher Ding.\"

\"Wen Shan. Actually—\"

\"Ah, it's quite late now! Goodbye, Teacher. Thank you so much for sending me back,\" Wen Shan said as she hastily got out of the car. Fortunately, the research facility hostel didn't have a difficult lock combination, and all she needed to do was swipe her card key to enter.

Ding Junhui looked at the gift in his hand then looked up at Wen Shan who just entered the building. Maybe he had spooked her?

Wen Shan ran all the way back to her room and immediately threw herself into the comfort of her bed. Why had she run?

Wen Shan hugged her soft toy and rolled around the bed. She felt so tired and frustrated. She laid in bed for a while, staring at the ceiling, then sat up. This wouldn't do. She had better start writing her journal.

Wen Shan thought for a while, then took out her laptop and turned it on. As soon as it booted up, she noticed a reply from Xiao Yaojing.

[The fair Mrs. Wen: Your brother is a psycho, he confiscated my handphone! I only now got it back since he's asleep. So, how are you? Are you home?

Wen Shan: I was stabbed in the heart by Brother Gu and his friends, and now you're rubbing salt into my wounds?

Wen Shan: I'm already back at the hostel, sister-in-law. Congratulations!

Wen Shan: So my brother's fighting spirit is still okay right? Does this count as a honeymoon baby? ]

Wen Shan was just about to open her document when Xiao Yaojing replied.

[The fair Mrs. Wen: It's already so late, why are you not asleep? Also, please reduce the amounts of messages you send to your sister-in-law. She won't be able to read them. ]

Wen Shan stared at her phone, speechless.


She wouldn't send any more messages then! Her brother really had gone crazy.

Wen Shan sighed and put her handphone aside. She looked at the blank document then decided to log into the forum to see if there were any remarks on her journal.

The forum was beneficial because regardless of whether the journal had gotten an award or not, the readers would comment on it. That was the main attraction of the forum.


There were updates. Wen Shan quickly checked her inbox. There were some opinions and remarks left on what she had posted.

Who knew? She thought that as a physics postgraduate, she would be an outcast on the internet.

After reading all the remarks, she thanked those who provided their insight on the matter.

[If only time froze when we first met: Persevere! Hopefully one day your journal will be listed as one of the best.]

If only time froze when we first met. Wen Shan rested her chin on her hand as she read those words. The forum member must be an older sister that was knowledgeable in the field of Chinese culture. Even her name was so artistic.

The sentence was in Nalan Chunbo's favorite font. Could it be?

Wen Shan shook her head. Was she going crazy?

 [Shan Shan: Thank you, older sister, love you!]

 The person didn't reply. Determined, Wen Shan changed her script. The script had to be rewritten, and it could not be published anymore.

 [If only time froze when we first met: I was showering just now, sorry for the delay. If you want to submit another journal, you can always send it to me first. I will check it for you.

Shan Shan: Really? Does this count as cheating?

If only time froze when we first met: Nope.]

Wen Shan saw those words and almost jumped for joy. She was indeed very lucky. It was so late at night yet she was able to meet such an important person.


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