The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1414 Can You Please Tell Me Why You Want to Change Your Citizenship?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1414 Can You Please Tell Me Why You Want to Change Your Citizenship?

"In that case, he is probably too handsome or too ugly then. He will be here next month though, so let's wait and see."

Wen Shan scanned through his information again. She found out that other than his age which was older than Nalan Chunbo's, If and Nalan Chunbo shared the same achievements.

Wen Shan returned to her quarters and switched on her laptop to check the replies on the forum. 'If Only Time Froze When We First Meet' had replied to her message.

[If Only Time Froze When We First Met: Sorry I replied late, I've been busy lately.

Shanshan: No problem, it's okay. I'm very grateful that you would reply to me.

Shanshan: Do you know a guy named If in the math forum?]

Wen Shan immediately regretted sending the message. Was she being too direct?

[If Only Time Froze When We First Met: Yes, I do.

Shanshan: Oh.]

Wen Shan didn't pursue it further. She felt a little rude and blunt for asking such a thing.

[If Only Time Froze When We First Met: What's the matter?]

Wen Shan gasped in surprise after seeing the reply. He had asked her, so it wasn't considered gossiping, right?

[Shanshan: There are rumors that he will be the next dean of the School of Physics in our college. The announcement has just been issued too, so I'm rather curious about the kind of person he is.]

At that moment, Nalan Chunbo was just disembarking from the plane. He was replying to Wen Shan's messages while waiting for the driver as he needed to go to the embassy.

He wasn't aware of the announcement issued by the college, but since he had promised the dean about his acceptance of the offer, it would be normal for them to make the announcement for the appointment.

[If Only Time Froze When We First Met: There's nothing weird about him.

Shanshan: Impossible. Even the biggest board in our college's notice board is not enough to post all of his achievements.

If Only Time Froze When We First Met: I'm surrounded by these types of people.

Shanshan: …

Shanshan: Apology for the offense, great god.]

Her message amused Nalan Chunbo, and his lips curled upward. When his car arrived, he bent slightly to get into it.

He could almost imagine her expression.

He wanted to see her right there and then.

But he had no courage to see her.

Wen Shan rested her forehead on the table dejectedly. It was so embarrassing. The person on the other end was a great god too.

Luckily, this sister had a very kind manner.

[If Only Time Froze When We First Met: I've been rather occupied lately. Finish reading the things I sent you, and just leave me a message if you have any questions.

Shanshan: Okay, thank you, great god.

Shanshan: Anyway, what is your name on the forum? Is If good enough to get along well with? I hope he isn't like my professor, now I'm afraid he will occupy my lecture hour, sigh~]

Nalan Chunbo looked at the question and finally put his phone away. He told the driver the address of the China embassy in Country X.

Could he say he was If?

Obviously not.

After waiting for a while, Wen Shan saw the avatar had darkened, indicating the person was offline.

Hence, Wen Shan went to check the document. This time, she swore she would write it well. She felt sorry for interrupting the sister to check and amend her thesis.

Nalan Chunbo refused Nalan Jing's help. He wanted to handle everything himself. In accordance with the talent-based immigration system, Nalan Chunbo's renunciation of citizenship was relatively simple and fast, requiring only several official documents.

"Mr. Nalan, can you please tell me why you want to change your citizenship?" The staff member asked as it was part of the procedure.

Nalan Chunbo was stunned when he heard the question.

In fact, it was a routine question. It was like the question "What is the purpose of your visit?" that was asked when a person went through customs after going abroad. Most of the time, the visit was for leisure or business. It was part of the customized procedure.

However, Nalan Chunbo was facing a dilemma. How could he answer the question?


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