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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1461 To Make It up to Her

Wen Shan quickly opened the text. Who was Nalan Chunbo compared to If? She let out a humph. 

[If: I heard about what happened. I have spoken to the head of the Mathematics Department and we knew that you were not at fault in this situation.]

Wen Shan laid down on the carpet with her phone in her hand. She sighed dejectedly, wishing it was Nalan Chunbo who had texted her. 

[Shanshan: Thank you, sir. I am so sorry for troubling you. 

If: Violence shouldn't be the way to solve things. I hope this will not happen again. 

Shanshan: I promise there won't be any fights anymore. And I swear that it wasn't me who beat Mao Cang up so badly that he got admitted to the hospital.] 

Nalan Chunbo leaned back against the sofa and smiled. He knew it for sure that it wasn't her, since he was the one who had beaten Mao Cang up. 

Ye Yuwei paced behind Nalan Chunbo and quickly left after tiptoeing and peeking at his phone. 

"I will get going now, Auntie," said Nalan Chunbo as he put his phone away and got up from the sofa. 

"Are you not staying with us?" Wen Jie asked disappointedly as she walked down the stairs, "wouldn't you rather stay with all of us than stay alone at the university accommodation?" 

"Don't worry about it, Auntie, I like the environment there." 

"The main point is that she is there too," Ye Yuwei said casually as she pretended to read a book on the sofa. 

Nalan Chunbo stared at Ye Yuwei, speechless. 

"You found a girlfriend? Do bring her home and introduce her to us." 

"Maybe one day, but not anytime soon. I will get going now, Auntie," Nalan Chunbo nodded and said, and left after sending Ye Yuwei an icy glare. 

Ye Yuwei put her book down in surprise when Nalan Chunbo didn't disagree. 

"What does Nalan Chunbo's girlfriend look like, Weiwei, have you seen her before?" Wen Jie sat next to Ye Yuwei and asked warmly. 

She had been treating Nalan Chunbo like her own child since the truth came out. 

"Don't worry about him, Mom. My brother is old enough to handle this," Ye Yuwei wrapped an arm around Wen Jie's shoulder and chuckled as she said. 

"He will always be a child to me no matter how old he gets. How can I face your aunt if I don't make sure that he is well?" Wen Jie reached out to touch Ye Yuwei's face and asked. "Make sure you rest early." Ye Yuwei nodded and saw Wen Jie up the stairs. 

Meanwhile, at the teachers' quarters, Wen Shan put down her phone to continue eating when the person on the other end stopped replying.

Nalan Chunbo drove back to the school. Considering he was staying right next to Wen Shan's apartment, Nalan Chunbo did not switch on the lights when he got home. He went directly to his bedroom to shower, and grabbed his phone after he got out of the shower to do what he had been wanting to—look at Wen Shan's WeChat profile. 

Wen Shan hardly updated her feed anymore and the last update was when she was still following him around. Nalan Chunbo felt his heart ache as he scrolled through Wen Shan's WeChat feed. He had no idea that he had hurt Wen Shan so much. 

He had to make it up to her. 

The fact that Mao Cang had been beaten up and admitted to the hospital made Professor Yin lie low for a few days, though Wen Shan did not expect that that old man actually had something else up his sleeve. When she submitted Professor Yin's claims, the lady at the accounts department actually told her that after the reformation, all claims should be accompanied with the receipts and the itinerary for the trip, which had to be very detailed. 

Wen Shan went to Professor Yin to tell him that the accounts department would not approve the claims without the detailed itinerary of his trip. 

Professor Yin's expression darkened instantly. He had no itinerary for the personal trip that he had gone on, and the receipts that he had provided were actually for his own expenses. 


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