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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1475 Is Our Dean Biased?

Professor Yin was dozing off while listening to music in his office when Nalan Chunbo finally reached his office. Nalan Chunbo knocked on the door and entered the room. 

Professor Yin was about to yell at the person who disturbed him, but he immediately changed his expression when he lifted his head and saw Nalan Chunbo coming into his office. 

"Hey, what brings our dean here?" Professor Yin asked pleasantly, turning off his music and walking towards Nalan Chunbo with a broad smile on his face. 

"Wen Shan is caught up with something today, Professor Yin. You can tell me what is going on with your claims." Nalan Chunbo wasn't planning to be nice to Professor Yin and spoke bluntly. 

"Is our dean biased?" Professor Yin scoffed as his gaze wandered around slyly. 

"Not really. In fact, to avoid misunderstandings of me being biased, I will get the claim form from Wen Shan and fill in your itinerary personally if you tell me the purpose of your trip, the approval for it, and the personnel you met up with during the trip. What do you say?" 

Nalan Chunbo sat down on the sofa casually and looked at Professor Yin whose face began to pale. 

Wen Shan might be too naïve and innocent to know Professor Yin's tricks, but not him. 

He could make Professor Yin show his true colours even without the itinerary. 

"Why so serious about this, Mr. Nalan? I should be able to get the approval for the trip soon. The delay was all because of that sloppy girl Wen Shan." 

"Soon? So you went on to the trip without the management's approval? What makes Professor Yin so confident that your project would be approved?" Nalan Chubo asked, looking at Professor Yin sharply. 

"Mr. Nalan, I am afraid there are just too many rules in the universities of this country that you are unaware of, especially in our university," Professor Yin said, getting more agitated.

"Is that so?" Nalan Chunbo murmured. He was noticeably one head taller than Professor Yin when he got up from the sofa. 

"I don't care what rules this university used to have. Mr. Fang recruited me, so I will be calling the shots now. As for you, you can choose to resign or be notorious and get expelled," Nalan Chunbo said emotionlessly and walked past Professor Yin to exit his office. 

"Do you think a young man like you can tell me what to do, Nalan Chunbo? Wen Shan's grade for her internship depends on me," Professor Yin yelled, so angry his hands were shaking. 

"Hold on to that then, and see if it will save you from this," Nalan Chunbo turned to look at Professor Yin and said mockingly. 

Nalan Chunbo left the office without looking back, leaning Professor Yin red in the face because of the arrogant young man. 

Nalan Chunbo saw Wen Shan and Ding Junhui coming his way as he was leaving the building. His hand stopped in front of the car door when he saw the bubbly girl talking happily to the guy beside her. 

[Wen Shan recommended him as our male lead and I think he suits the character well. I also heard that he is the brother of Wen Shan's teacher.] 

Nalan Chunbo took a deep breath and decided not to get into his car just yet. Instead, he walked towards the pair. 

"Don't worry, I have a new internship position so I am not afraid of him at all." Wen Shan carried her backpack and stood in front of Ding Junhui like an obedient student. 

"Good to know. I was just worried that he might pick on you," Ding Junhui nodded and said. 

Wen Shan was pulled aside by someone before she could say a word. 


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