The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1479 Are You Choosing Your Dissertation Over Me?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1479 Are You Choosing Your Dissertation Over Me?

Nalan Chunbo did not reply to Wen Shan's message. Thinking that 'If Only Time Froze When We First Met' was busy, Wen Shan started to work on her dissertation too. 

Nalan Chunbo got up and looked through the slit of the curtains at the girl who was typing on her computer, her brows knitted in concentration. 

The truth was that he didn't feel like revealing his identity anymore. It was only in front of 'If Only Time Froze When We First Met' that Wen Shan let her guard down. 

And using the identity of 'If', he could actually help her in a lot of things. 

His real identity was the one that actually gave Nalan Chunbo the chance to stand in front of Wen Shan, but it was the identity that Wen Shan resented the most. 

Meanwhile at the hospital, Xiao Yaojing and PA Wen were heading for lunch after the prenatal visit. Not wanting to eat with PA Wen alone, Xiao Yaojing insisted that Wen Shan join them. 

"I am too busy working on my dissertation, why don't you eat with my brother?" Wen Shan blinked and said. 

"Are you choosing your dissertation over me?" Xiao Yaojing demanded angrily. 

"Of course. I have someone waiting to read it, and I am planning to use my dissertation to attract the dean's attention. I am someone who is determined to marry a dean after all. I am working on it now so don't disturb me," said Wen Shan bluntly. 

Xiao Yaojing sat in the car and looked at her phone, then at PA Wen. 

"What did I do?" asked PA Wen innocently. 

"Looks like Nalan Chunbo is good at keeping his secret. I can't wait to see if she'll still be determined to marry a dean when she finally sees hers," Xiao Yaojing let out a humph and said. 

PA Wen, on the other hand, appreciated that his sister was observant and sensitive enough to turn down Xiao Yaojing's lunch invitation. 

"Let me take you somewhere that you definitely like," PA Wen said as he started the car engine. 

Xiao Yaojing let out another humph. 

Wen Shan focused on her dissertation after she ended the call. The time was 6pm. She wondered if Nalan Chunbo had already had his dinner. 

He had gastritis and shouldn't skip meals, especially when he had been prescribed after-meal medicines. 

And since Nalan Chunbo got gastritis because of her, it wasn't unreasonable for her to get worried about him. 

Wen Shan quickly saved her work on her computer, then grabbed her coat and her bag after shutting down her computer and quickly left.

 Nalan Chunbo was looking at his scripts when he spotted Wen Shan leaving out of the corner of his eye. He frowned, grabbed his scripts, and went after Wen Shan. 

Wen Shan got into a bus after she exited the university. Nalan Chunbo continued to follow her and received a call from Mr. Fang informing him that Professor Yin had reported him for using his power for personal gains. 

Nalan Chunbo sneered at the ignorant man when he heard the information. "I will handle this, Mr. Fang. Please don't be worried as I have not done anything at all for my personal gain, nor have I done anything about threatening him," said Nalan Chunbo. He was certain that what he said to Professor Yin earlier did not amount to a threat. 

But if he was this ignorant, then he should blame no one but himself. 

"Three days. I will settle this in three days," Nalan Chunbo promised.

"I did not tell you this to blame you, Mr. Nalan, but you are new to this workplace and I don't want rumors to affect you. If you don't mind me asking, you and Wen Shan are…?" 

"Family," said Nalan Chunbo emotionlessly. It was not unreasonable to call her family when she called him 'Papa Nalan'.

"Good, good. I will leave it to you without intervening then." Mr. Fang understood what Nalan Chunbo meant and chuckled.


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