The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1481 Who Asked You To Do The Forgiving?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1481 Who Asked You To Do The Forgiving?

Wen Shan could see every detail of Nalan Chunbo's face this close.

Nalan Chunbo's eyelashes were longer than hers!

They could feel each other's warm breath against their lips. 

Wen Shan jolted back and almost hit the side of the table but Nalan Chunbo grabbed her just in time. 

When they tried to turn around, Wen Shan fell onto the sofa and Nalan Chunbo fell on top of her. 

He planted his hands beside her body quickly to hold himself up. His body was a mere arm's length away from hers. 

How was this situation better than earlier?

But Nalan Chunbo liked this situation.

Wen Shan's heart thundered in her chest as she stared up at Nalan Chunbo.

The porridge in the kitchen started to boil and the pot lid clattered noisily, almost as if reminding them to not forget about reality. 

Wen Shan immediately reached out and aggressively shoved Nalan Chunbo off her, clumsily getting to her feet. "You can eat on your own," Wen Shan said quickly and left his apartment in a hurry. 

This was the second time.

Wen Shan got into the elevator, frustrated that she was sticking to the elevator wall again. Why did her courage disappear every time?

What was she trying to run away from?

Nalan Chunbo sat up and looked at the shut door, massaging his temples. Why did she run away so quickly every time?

The pot lid in the kitchen fell onto the counter. Nalan Chunbo hurried to turn off the fire and looked at the spilled porridge, then sighed.

Wen Shan went to Le Tian's house after she left Nalan Chunbo's apartment.

These past two days, Le Tian had been burning the midnight oil calculating the values for her latest order of a model. This time the request was for an airplane, and the person who made the order was not just any person. He was the bully of the Ding family. 

If not for the high price of 100,000, she would not have accepted the order. 

After all, she loved money and the whole world knew that.

Money was more reliable than men.

Le Tian was filling in the details of her drawings, glancing briefly at a dejected Wen Shan who was waiting for her instant noodles to cook in a bowl. "So you just rushed out? He was trying to make a romantic story and you gave him a thriller instead?"

Wen Shan cupped her chin with both hands, stared at her best friend, then finally said, "I can't forgive him that easily. Do you know how much he went overboard that time? I have not gotten over the neck incident, he even left a scar on me. Even when he was violent towards me, I still stayed by his side in case anything happened. After that, he refused to see me the whole day and even scolded me for being a busybody then chased me away."

"Is this not what you wanted?" Le Tian raised her head again and sneered. "Who was the one who anxiously followed him around in the beginning? A ghost?"

Wen Shan was speechless. Her friend was actually quite sharp. "Let's not talk about this anymore. Who asked you to do the forgiving? Even if I do not forgive him my whole life, am I supposed to marry your dean?" 

Le Tian smiled at Wen Shan. 

Wen Shan opened the lid of her instant noodles bowl, took a fork and mixed the noodles in the bowl. She pondered then said, "I think our dean is a bit cold. Every time we meet, he only talks about work."

"Of course. Do you expect him to be talking about love with you?" Le Tian scoffed.

Wen Shan blushed in embarrassment. "Just because you had your heart broken once, you think all men are not good?" 

Wen Shan became angry. She did not come here to be angry. 

"You got it. In this world, there is only one thing we can rely on, and that is money," Le Tian said smugly while waving the drawing in her hand. "180,000. Totally worth it, right?"


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