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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1490 Because You Like…

Wen Shan inhaled deeply. It was as if she had just been struck by lightning. There was always this kind of woman in the world—the type who liked other people's boyfriends.

Nalan Chunbo arranged the dishes on the table then looked at Wen Shan who was trembling with anger in the living room. He took off his apron, walked over, and touched her head. 

"Let's eat. Nobody will snatch this little girl from her Papa Nalan." Wen Shan was about to record her voice to send to Le Tian, but was so shocked when Nalan Chunbo spoke that she sent his words instead.

Wen Shan blinked, stunned.

[Born Optimist: …

Born Optimist: I will die fast if you show off your affection like that, do you understand?

Born Optimist: I'm blocking you.

Shanshan: No!

Please add this person as your friend.]

Wen Shan was speechless.

Le Tian had actually blocked her.

Wen Shan abruptly looked up at Nalan Chunbo. Nalan Chunbo politely brought Wen Shan over to the table to eat. "Tell me, who made you this angry?"

Wen Shan immediately flung Nalan Chunbo's hand off her. He was almost 40 years old, but he was acting like a young man. What was his problem?

Wen Shan had been avoiding Nalan Chunbo's touch recently, even when she was not angry. From what he understood after he heard the conversation between her and Le Tian, this lady called Mu Qi seemed to have really offended her. Something must have triggered Wen Shan.

Could it be that she tried to help but it became her problem instead?

Nalan Chunbo's cooking was excellent, even better than her brother's. It was something Wen Shan reluctantly admitted. After all, her big brother Gu could not cook, which was a major disappointment. 

"Nothing," Wen Shan said, gritting her teeth while she poked at her bowl. 

She said that it was nothing, but it did not look that way. 

Nalan Cunbo took some dishes for her, then casually asked, "You know the stylist who was being interviewed?"

"I wish I didn't," Wen Shan growled, getting angrier.

Nalan Chunbo did not ask anything further. He understood Wen Shan quite a bit. She was the type who could not contain her feelings, so there was no need to ask further.

"That was the woman who, when we were in university, would use me to make people who liked me buy food and such for her."

Nalan Chunbo calmly ate his food. That was not such a bad scenario. If that was the case, then no one would dare to like her.

"Le Tian had a childhood boyfriend who she dated for a few years. In the end, he was fished away," Wen Shan sneered, imagining the rice as Mu Qi and wishing she could eat her to death. 

Nalan Chunbo continued to help take dishes for her. "If he could be snatched away, then their relationship was not that stable from the beginning."

"It was because of her! She almost got Le Tian into trouble and after everything, she dares to come back?" Wen Shan snarled, biting the garlic stem loudly. 

Nalan Chunbo looked at the furious Wen Shan, put a glass in front of her, then helped pour her some juice. "And then?"

"And then you caught her eye, just because I like…" Wen Shan started then instantly stopped herself. She almost bit her tongue.

Nalan Chunbo paused as he was pouring the juice. He slowly put down the juice bottle, then purposely asked, "Because you like?"

Nalan Chunbo's tone was carefully mild, and he subtly inched closer to Wen Shan. 


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