The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1512 Ding Yuejia Is Ding Junqi“s Biological Son
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1512 Ding Yuejia Is Ding Junqi“s Biological Son

Wen Shan was leaning against him, her body trembling and tears rolling down her cheeks.

Nalan Chunbo didn't know why she was so sure that the person in the photo was her, but Wen Shan's reaction had already told him that she was sure that the woman was her.

Moreover, the photo was not photoshopped. It was authentic.

Ding Junqi and Wen Shan.

Nalan Chunbo had met Ding Junqi previously due to Mao Cang's incident.

Did Ding Junqi hit Mao Cang because of Ding Junhui or Wen Shan?

Nalan Chunbo felt uneasy when he thought about it. When he met Ding Junqi last time, he thought Ding Junhui was the reason behind his actions, but was that really true?

Wen Shan was certain that she had not lost her memory, and pregnancy took time. There was no way she could have disappeared for a year without anyone knowing and not even remember it.

Therefore, there must be something that they did not know.

Nalan Chunbo wanted to tell her that they should go back to have the DNA test done but he knew that if he suggested it, Wen Shan would go crazy.

Wen Shan cried in Nalan Chunbo's arms for a long time before eventually falling asleep.

Nalan Chunbo carried her into the bedroom after she fell asleep. After making sure she was comfortable, he closed the door quietly and took his phone, heading to the balcony.

"Mr. Ding, sorry to disturb you." Nalan Chunbo said directly when the line connected.

"Mr. Nalan?" Ding Junqi had just woken up. His family had just informed him that his little brat had run away from home and asked him to bring the boy back. He knew exactly where the little brat had gone to. Since he liked that woman so much, he would just let him be with her.

"Can I ask Mr. Ding a question?"  

"Mr. Nalan, please go ahead," Ding Junqi said as he got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. "What would you like to ask?"

"Do you know my girlfriend, Wen Shan?" Nalan Chunbo asked. He started to feel a little nervous.

Ding Junqi was about to brush his teeth and paused, then replied pleasantly, "I met her once. That time, Mr. Nalan's girlfriend seemed unhappy so she got herself drunk at the bar.."

"Together with Le Tian?" He was aware about the incident. That was day when he finally made up his mind.

"Yes." Ding Junqi did not lie, mainly because he had nothing to hide.

Nalan Chunbo could sense that Ding Junqi was not lying. Could it be his imagination?

"Mr. Ding, I am sorry to ask about this, but your child's mother—"

"Mr. Nalan, that is a personal matter. I am sorry but I cannot reveal it."

Nalan Chunbo listened to the busy tone on the phone. He was sure that Ding Junqi was angry.

But why?

Why would he become irritated when talking about his child's mother?

Nalan Chunbo glanced at the bedroom. This matter seemed far more complicated than he expected.

It was stated in the email that the child was sent to the Ding residence at the age of one. All these years, no one knew who the child's biological mother was but it was confirmed that Ding Yuejia was the biological son of Ding Junqi. The private investigation had only yielded one photo that was never made public, found in a computer that Ding Junqi had scrapped six years ago.

Nalan Chunbo had more trust in Wen Shan. The child must not be Wen Shan's. It was not possible for a woman not to be aware that she had given birth.

However, why was there such a picture in a computer that was thrown away six years ago? 


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