The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1514 President Gu is such a mean grudge-holder!
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1514 President Gu is such a mean grudge-holder!

If it was Wen Shan, why didn't Ding Junqi recognize her? It was impossible for Ding Junqi to not have any doubts about Wen Shan since the person was a Wen Shan lookalike.

That was the only part that he couldn't figure out right now.

Wen Shan was still emotional so it was probably wise to not probe her further. She was so sensitive that she seemed to doubt him for not trusting her no matter what he said.

Wen Shan woke up from another nightmare and stayed awake, looking dazed. 

Nalan Chunbo went out to get her a glass of water and returned, placing it beside her. "I'll be outside but Wen Shan, you must manage your emotions now. Perhaps you did not realize that you're not yourself," Nalan Chunbo said, patting Wen Shan 's shoulder before turning and leaving the room.

Wen Shan looked up and stared at Nalan Chunbo's back as he walked out, bewildered.

It was lunch break when Gu Juexi received the update from Nalan Chunbo.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at the other person in the video call. "Perhaps you've been thinking too much. It's just a very simple matter—the woman is not Wen Shan, and the person who actually has memory loss is Ding Junqi. Then everything makes sense. "

Nalan Chunbo leaned against the window, staring at the stars in the night sky. "Wen Shan's reaction to this is completely abnormal. How do you explain that?"

"Oh, that is really a tragedy," Gu Juexi murmured innocently, but he seemed to be gloating over Nalan Chunbo's misery.

Nalan Chunbo was speechless.

He would not be asking this bastard if not for his brain.

"The black hole of human parallel space has not been proven by anyone at present. If you could, you would definitely be famous, believe me."

"This is not the point!" Nalan Chunbo said angrily, annoyed by Gu Juexi's carefree attitude.

"So what? You have already put the focus on Wen Shan from the beginning. What reaction do you want her to give you? Should she agree that the child is hers, she would be admitting to having a child with another man, right?" Gu Juexi asked contemptuously.

Nalan Chunbo went silent. He was being lectured by a man with negative emotional intelligence. He could not defend himself.

Gu Juexi was secretly delighted watching the dejected person on the other end of the video call. It really was true that love made fools of men. So very true.

Nalan Chunbo ended the video call with Gu Juexi. It was unacceptable to be despised by an idiot who knew nothing about emotions.

Gu Juexi stared at the blank computer screen, then took his phone and messaged Ye Yuwei to tell her about the current situation.

That's right, President Gu was a mean grudge-holder.

It was already dawn in the United States when Nalan Chunbo took Wen Shan to the airport. Wen Shan's mood seemed much better. She was not in a daze like yesterday, and was eager to search for more clues.

The most simple way was to investigate her social media posts around Ding Yuejia's birth timeline. During the period before Ding Yuejia was born, Wen Shan's social media posting was still very normal. There were many photos taken with her family members and Le Tian.

Wen Shan showed Nalan Chunbo using his phone. "I really didn't lose my memory."

"I'm sorry," Nalan Chunbo apologized sincerely. Although Gu Juexi's attitude was very irritating, he had to admit that Gu Juexi's analysis was correct. He had focused the problem on Wen Shan from the beginning. 


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