The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1518 Would This Relationship Drift Apart?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1518 Would This Relationship Drift Apart?

There was something even more troublesome though.

The appearance of Ding Yuejia posed the first challenge in the lives of Nalan Chunbo and Wen Shan. Through this, Nalan Chunbo had discovered an underlying issue between him and his girlfriend.

Nalan Chunbo's only hope was for the issue to be resolved through their investigation of the matter of Ding Yuejia.

To figure out one's own heart was the first stage of a romantic relationship. The second would be a love confession.

The most significant part of a romantic relationship would be life's trials and how a couple would face them together. It seemed like Nalan Chunbo and Wen Shan were currently in that stage.

If Only Time Froze When We First Met: What do you plan to do now?

If Only Time Froze When We First Met: I think that Nalan wouldn't like his partner to so cautious with him in everything.

Shanshan: Your opinion won't help, you're not him!

Nalan Chunbo was speechless. Wen Shan's reply really stung.

Should he use his real identity to probe Wen Shan then?

Obviously not! Wen Shan would get suspicious and ask him about the coincidentally similar topic.

What about revealing that the internet stranger Wen Shan had been talking to all along was actually Nalan Chunbo himself?

No, then their 'internet relationship' would drift apart!

If Only Time Froze When We First Met: But I am also a man myself.

Shanshan: You're right.

Shanshan: But hey, my Papa Nalan is different from men like you.

Nalan Chunbo almost threw his hands up in frustration. How could his little darling be this silly?

Was he being badmouthed or praised?

Beep beep!

Both Nalan Chunbo's and Wen Shan's phones beeped at the same time, and they reached for them.

"In light of Singles' Day, If, the new dean of the Physics department, will be attending the official welcoming ceremony. Attendance is compulsory for all professors and students of the Physics department."

It was regarding the welcoming ceremony of the new dean.

The legendary If would appear soon.

But why on Singles' Day though? As a foreigner, If would not know what Singles' Day meant.

Nalan Chunbo frowned as he read the news. Simultaneously, he saw a pop-up on his cell phone screen and a new WeChat message.

Shanshan: If is finally coming to my college, he definitely doesn't know what Singles' Day means in China. Hahaha!

Shanshan: Papa Nalan, please add me on WeChat. I have good news for you. *Cute face emoji*

Nalan Chunbo paused.

He stared at the dialog for a while. It was regarding If's official arrival at Wen Shan's college.

Nalan Chunbo was already friends with Wen Shan on WeChat under the disguise of his other account.

Furthermore, he had been actively using his auxiliary account to view Wen Shan's WeChat timeline to check on her.

Now that Wen Shan wanted to be friends with Nalan Chunbo on WeChat, he would need to switch WeChat accounts from time to time.

Nalan Chunbo had to figure out the password to his main Wechat account which he had not been using for some time.

Although Nalan Chunbo was aware of the risks, he daringly went ahead with his 'study' on why relationships drifted apart.

Thus, even if Nalan Chunbo's 'internet relationship' with Wen Shan drifted apart in the future, there was a high probability of him getting her.

"One moment please."


The courteous phrase from Wen Shan made Nalan Chunbo feel bad.

Shanshan: Hey, are you friends with Papa Nalan on WeChat? Could you send me a screenshot of his WeChat QR code?

Nalan Chunbo did not know how to reply to that.

Nalan Chunbo could sense her excitement of sharing the good news to him. He got up and made a phone call.

The call was instantly answered by his younger sister Ye Yuwei.

"WeChat? Isn't this your phone number?"

"Yeah," Nalan Chunbo answered blankly.

Ye Yuwei sneered. "You had better wear your armor, you might lose your 'internet relationship'."

Nalan Chunbo had already ended the call. Ye Yuwei snorted.

If Nalan Chunbo didn't heed Ye Yuwei's advice, she would just have to wait for the day of her elder brother's fall.

But she couldn't let other people know about this situation.

Nalan Chunbo managed to log in to his main WeChat account, then used his other account to send Wen Shan a screenshot of his main account's QR code.


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