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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1524 Cut Me Some Slack

Ding Junhui turned and looked at the two people coming down from the corridor entrance. His gaze fell on their hands.

"Teacher Ding, sorry sorry," Wen Shan hurriedly apologized and unconsciously hid behind Nalan Chunbo. 

Ding Junhui did not mind and just laughed. "Looks like your wish has come true. I'm going to study until late tonight, please excuse me." He smiled at them politely then left.


Wen Shan curiously looked at Nalan Chunbo.

Nalan Chunbo did not say anything and just walked past her swiftly.

Looks like everyone knew about her wish to marry a dean.

Wen Shan sighed, not knowing why he was walking so quickly.

They ate just outside the school. There was no need to drive since the place was a ten-minute walk from the campus.

Wen Shan kept thinking about the issue along the way. She even thought about taking Nalan Chunbo to go and see the brat Ding Yuejia.

"Do you think it is possible that the balanced space is this area? Perhaps I just need to turn my body and I would have gone into it?" Wen Shan asked and purposely turned her body to face Nalan Chunbo.

Nalan Chunbo just blinked at her.

He didn't feel like talking.

"It feels like the Peach Blossom Spring. Never mind, you foreigners would not know what a Peach Blossom Spring is. To talk about it is like talking about another world that a foreigner should not enter. If he goes in, he would only want to get out but then he would not be able to find the entrance to go in anymore. It's a fairyland inside." Wen Shan looked up at Nalan Chunbo who was trying to contain his laughter. "Hey, cut me some slack. I'm a science student, okay, what are you laughing at?"

Nalan Chunbo finally stopped laughing and just gently stroked her head. "I know the story."

She really did not know how to tell stories.

Nalan Chunbo put his arm around her shoulders. While waiting at the red light, he rested his chin on her head. "When it's time to tell stories to our children, let me do it."

Wen Shan's jaw dropped.

Papa, were you not thinking too far ahead?

"Then at least don't laugh at me," Wen Shan muttered as the traffic light finally turned green.

Nalan Chunbo held her hand as they walked to the opposite side of the road. "Okay, the story was told nicely. What do you feel like eating?"

Wen Shan who was behind Nalan Chunbo rolled her eyes. Such a perfunctory statement. Might as well not say it.

Once they reached the mall, Wen Shan took him to a restaurant serving Hong Kong cuisine. Wen Shan used to think that it was quite expensive since it would cost about three to four hundred for two people, but when she started to chase Nalan Chunbo, she realized she had to basically add another zero. If one did not compare, there was no harm. From that day onwards, she never said that it was expensive. 

The environment inside was not bad. The pricing was still quite reasonable, so there were a number of people dining there. Wen Shan took Nalan Chunbo to a table next to the window, then sat down and ordered the dishes. After all, she knew what Nalan Chunbo liked to eat.

Her familiarity with his favorite dishes warmed Nalan Chunbo's heart.

"Wen Shan, Mr. Nalan, what a coincidence." Suddenly, Mu Qi strutted over in her high heels. She stood beside their table and smiled at Nalan Chunbo.

Why was this guy so handsome? He was so much more handsome than Dong Feng back then.

Her gaze made Wen Shan uncomfortable and she immediately looked at Mu Qi.

"Wen Shan, we have not eaten together for a while. What if –"

"Can you not see that this table is for two people only? Did you want to sit on his lap?" Wen Shan laughed coldly and leaned back against the chair. 


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