The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1528 They Would Descend Into Madness Together
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1528 They Would Descend Into Madness Together

Ding Yuejia could not understand what his father was saying. He just wanted to see Le Tian. He would die if he did not see Le Tian again.

"Father, please take me to Le Tian. I need to see her or else I will die." Ding Yuejia cupped Ding Junqi's face with his small hands, looking anguished.

Ding Junqi looked at his son's small face. His face was nothing like that woman's.

He always remembered a lightning strike and that familiar face that pricked his heart.

'Who doesn't love money? Give me money, then I will give birth to the child.'

Those words had haunted him for several years. It was only two years ago that the woman's face had reappeared in his memory.

However, he could not remember anything other than that sentence and that face. The superimposed memories made him suspect that something significant had happened in his life, but Ding Yuejia was real.

The existence of this little devil was an amazing thing.

It was so amazing that a strange woman had appeared in his life and gave birth to a child for him.

It was so amazing that history seemed to be repeating itself.

"Father, what are you thinking about?" Ding Yuejia's small hands were still holding Ding Junqi's face. His small brows were scrunched up tightly.

He had wanted to investigate the matter many times although he might not understand the answer. He could not only see her as Ding Yuejia's tutor. He could not stand to see her being calm when he was struggling like this.

His life had been messed with, so why shouldn't he mess hers up at the same time?

Hence, he did not stop the reporters from going there today. He knew that those opportunistic reporters could use surveillance cameras to find out where he came from and would find Le Tian's house.

So when the publicist called to ask him if he wanted to stop the reporters from reporting the news, he said to let them go ahead with it. That girl thought she could live comfortably while he lost his mind?

They would descend into madness together.

"She will come." Ding Junqi hugged his son, not knowing if he was trying to reassure himself or his son.

The reporters were still outside Le Tian's house when Wen Shan and Nalan Chunbo arrived.

The reporters tried to rush into the house when Le Tian opened the door. However, thanks to Nalan Chunbo's menacing aura, they dared not go in forcefully and did not even see the people inside.

Wen Shan and Nalan Chunbo quickly closed the door after they entered. "What the hell is going on?"

"Who knows what the hell Ding Junqi is thinking," Le Tian snarled angrily and sat down on the sofa.

Wen Shan sat down next to her. Nalan Chunbo suddenly asked. "Have you offended Ding Junqi?"

"How could I offend him? Nothing good has happened to me since I met him two years ago. He wanted me to take care of his child for free. In his dreams!" Le Tian said, becoming more angrier by the second. She looked at Wen Shan. "I was surprised when he asked me to be his son's tutor. Does he think I do charity work?"

Wen Shan thought about it then realized something. "So the man who said you love money was Ding Junqi?"

Wen Shan remembered that Le Tian once mentioned that she had found a job as a tutor, but the child's father was a pervert. Her request for 120 renminbi a lesson was quite reasonable, but the man sneered at her when she said it. However, the pay was then increased tenfold, and that was why Le Tian stayed.

Really, just for money.

It was just that Wen Shan had not expected that person to be Ding Junqi.


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