The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1365 I Am Now Determined to Marry a Dean
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1365 I Am Now Determined to Marry a Dean

Xiao Yaojing looked at the two of them who were standing there as if frozen. Neither said a word or moved. 

[Mrs. Wen: The vision of eternity. I am such a third wheel. 

Yezi: I bet you 10 cents that my brother would turn and leave.] 

"I will come another day," Nalan Chunbo came to his senses and told the attendant standing beside him, then turned and left. 

Wen Shan pursed her lips and held her hands tightly. 

It was not like she was going to cling to him again. Why did he have to avoid her? 

[Mrs. Wen: (Mrs Wen sent you a red packet) 

Mrs. Wen: What is wrong with him? He made it look like Wen Shan is still clinging to him. 

Yezi: You don't understand, he feels inferior about himself. 

Mrs. Wen: Inferior my foot. What kind of man is he to be acting like this? Good thing that Wen Shan is over him now or I would be so annoyed. 

Yezi: I would find it annoying too if I weren't his sister. 

Yezi: As his sister, I feel sorry for him. 

Mrs. Wen: Men like him do not deserve to be forgiven. 

Yezi: I will tell you about it after the wedding. 

Yezi: Does Wen Shan look chubby in that dress? 

Mrs. Wen: She does. I thought she lost weight while she was heartbroken over your brother. 

Yezi: …] 

Wen Shan stood in front of the fitting room with her eyes lowered. 

Xiao Yaojing put her phone away and went to Wen Shan. 

"Can we adjust the waist? This size makes her look chubby," she commented, studying Wen Shan's dress carefully. 

"Sure," the staff who was standing beside them responded and told the tailor to adjust it accordingly. 

While waiting for the dress, Xiao Yaojing and Wen Shan went to a restaurant nearby for lunch. 

Wen Shan placed her chin in her palm and stirred her juice while staring outside the window. 

"You don't feel for him anymore, do you?" Xiao Yaojing looked at Wen Shan and asked after ordering their food. 

"Of course not!" Wen Shan yelped, glaring at Xiao Yaojing. 

"I was just wondering if I'm really that scary. Why would he leave the moment he saw me if not?" 

"You probably were. After all, you used to follow him everywhere," said Xiao Yaojing smilingly. 

"That—that was because I was young and naïve," Wen Shan stammered, embarrassed by what Xiao Yaojing said.

"Then allow me to remind you that you first met your Papa Nalan in May this year, which is less than half a year ago. You were 26 back then, and you are 26 now. I don't think I would call a 26-year-old young and naïve," Xiao Yaojing said, smiling elegantly. Wen Shan was speechless. 

"That's life, you only see a rainbow after a storm. Also, I am now determined to marry a dean," said Wen Shan with a serious face. 

"I am waiting for that day, Mrs. Dean," Xiao Yaojing nodded and said as the waiters served their food. 

Wen Shan clenched her fists and relaxed them as if she had just made an important decision. 

"Can you look at my dissertation if you have time? I cited some data references and am depending on them to win an award," Wen Shan picked up her chopsticks and asked. 

"Forget it. Just marry a dean already," Xiao Yaojing scoffed when Wen Shan changed the subject while Wen Shan laughed loudly like the conversation about Nalan Chunbo hadn't taken place. 

Meanwhile, Ye Yuwei was at home taking care of Xixi. She had been working from home because of Xixi's condition, but she had to be at home anyway to prepare for the wedding. 

She decided to give Nalan Chunbo a call when she saw Xiao Yaojing's messages.


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