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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1594 The Third Fire

Wen Shan bluffed her way through with a laugh. She was waiting for the clock to strike twelve before she could purchase everything in her shopping cart. Then, she would have a good sleep, waiting for tomorrow's events to unfold.

It was also due to the events tomorrow that Nalan Chunbo was in a slightly more austere mood.

There was absolutely no problem in dealing with Righteous Yin. The one person he had no grasp on was Wen Shan—the person who would be concerned whether her 'Lil Brother' had replied to her messages in the middle of the night.

After twelve in the morning, Wen Shan decisively paid for everything. Then, she put her phone down and snuggled under the blanket, expecting to sleep soon.

"I spent nearly a hundred thousand," Wen Shan looked at the ceiling and said, "But most of it is for things you need in your study. All of them are pretty expensive."

Nalan Chunbo turned off the lights after she was done with her things. After pulling her into his arms, he murmured, "I know you bought all of them for me. Let's sleep."

Although his things had always been custom-made, it was fine as long as his wife was happy.

Wen Shan felt contented that she could finally sleep with Nalan Chunbo in her arms. She had spent a lot of money, but ninety percent of it was Nalan Chunbo's. Thus, she did not have to feel bad about it.

"Shanshan, no matter what happens tomorrow, you have to stay by my side, okay?" Nalan Chunbo lowered his head to stare at Wen Shan who was about to fall asleep. Wen Shan was probably really sleepy. Therefore, she just responded with a few perfunctory nods before going silent.

Eventually, Nalan Chunbo swallowed all the words that he wanted to say. He could only hug her tightly while his mind churned with all the accidents that might happen tomorrow.

When the sky lightened up slightly, Nalan Chunbo—who had not slept the whole night—carefully got up, put on his clothes, and washed up. Then, he went out to make a call. Dean Fang was telling him about the itinerary of the event. Of course, in this life full of possibilities, anything could happen. No, it should be said that accidents would definitely happen.

Nalan Chunbo turned his head and gazed at the general location of where the bedroom is. Then, he whispered, "I've already arranged for the evidence of Righteous Yin's acceptance of bribery and those who are willing to come out to testify. However, there is one thing that I might need Dean Fang's help with."

"Go ahead." Dean Fang was being straightforward.

"Professor Yin has joined hands with a few professors, and they might cause trouble during the inauguration speech, so—"

"Is that so?" Dean Fang had obviously underestimated Professor Yin's insidiousness. "I'll handle this—"

"If you intend to handle this, then get rid of the root of the problem," Nalan Chunbo said straightforwardly.

Dean Fang was at a loss for words. " ... "

'Young man, if I got rid of everyone, will you replace their classes for them?'

"I believe that the School of Physics has already become a useless pile of mud. After all, those people are in the minority. What do you think, Dean Fang?" As if he knew what Dean Fang was thinking, Nalan Chunbo opened his mouth again.

Dean Fang did not respond this time. Right now, he could only hope that Nalan Chunbo was right. It would be best if there were only a few teeny woodworms. This could serve as a precedent. Derived from a Mandarin proverb that translates literally to 'whenever a new officer is appointed, they would set off three fires', the proverb is the equivalent of the idiom, a new broom sweeps clean. The third fire[1], they would set off three fires', the proverb is the equivalent of the idiom, a new broom sweeps clean.) of the newly appointed dean was about to be lit.

After ending the call with Dean Fang, Nalan Chunbo went to wash up and prepare breakfast.

Today, the third fire of the newly appointed dean was finally about to be lit. It was still for Wen Shan.

The fact that If was about to become the dean of the School of Physics was not just something that the entire school was looking forward to—even the media was anticipating it highly. They wanted to capture this mysterious person as soon as possible. After all, this would be If's first appearance in public.

Therefore, before Wen Shan and Nalan Chunbo reached the grand hall, there was already a sea of people waiting in the distance.

Wen Shan pursed her lips slightly. Clearly, her Papa Nalan was even more impressive, okay?

[1] Derived from a Mandarin proverb that translates literally to 'whenever a new officer is appointed, they would set off three fires', the proverb is the equivalent of the idiom, a new broom sweeps clean.


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