The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1614 It Would Feel Like... Meeting Her In-laws
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1614 It Would Feel Like... Meeting Her In-laws

Ye Yuwei thought about it and felt that it would be better for her to inform everyone in advance about what was coming next. After all, her brother was already on his way along with her in-laws. It would not look good if he was really kicked out.

Brother Gu's Wife: [Just saying, if... If my brother were to go to your house now, would you kick him out?]

What? Papa Nalan was coming?

Wen Shan leaped from her bed. Losing no time to reply to Ye Yuwei's question, she jumped down like a squirrel with its tail stepped on. She then opened the door and fled into the bathroom.

Where was her facial cleanser? Where was her mask? Was it too late to put on a facial mask right now?

Aaaaaarrrghhhh— Why were the circles under her eyes so dark?

Eyeliner? CC cream? Concealer?

Aaargh— She did not even have those things! What was she going to do?

Could she still make it in time if she bought it now?

What to do? What to do?

Wen Shan was as anxious as a little top that had its switch turned on—she kept spinning around in the bathroom. After all, Nalan Chunbo had come today to formally propose marriage.

Wait a minute!

Wen Shan suddenly recollected herself. Why did she get so nervous? She was still supposed to be angry right now, was she not?

The person in the mirror stared back with a face full of confusion. Wen Shan brooded and decided that she must not act this way.

In the next second, she walked out as if nothing had happened. There was no rush. She must not be acting so desperately.

                            Mrs. Wen sat through her daughter's brief swarm of craziness and watched the door of her daughter's room close. She turned back to look at Mr. Wen, who was busy in the kitchen. "What's wrong with your daughter?"

Father Wen was in the middle of making soy milk. He had finally figured out how to operate the soy milk machine—Xiao Yaojing had specially brought them the soy milk machine to make it easier for them to prepare breakfast. Due to that, Mr. Wen often called his old friends in their hometown to gloat about how well their daughter-in-law treated them.

So, when he heard Mrs. Wen's words, he had just pressed on the switch. "Didn't you say that Mr. Nalan from yesterday is coming today? What else can he be here for? For us?"

Mrs. Wen once again turned to the back to glance at her daughter's room. She could not help but sigh internally. As expected,  it was hard to keep a grown woman at home. Fortunately, Mrs. Wen could not be more satisfied with that Mr. Nalan.

When Nalan Chunbo,   Wen Jie,  and the others arrived downstairs, it was half-past ten in the morning. Breakfast time would have been long overdue at this hour.

Meanwhile,  Mr. Wen did not go out to play chess with Mr. Xiao either. Instead, he was waiting at home for his future son-in-law—rumors had it that he was an international celebrity—to come over.

"Shan Shan, what are you doing? Hurry up and come out. Nalan will be here soon. Hurry up and get dressed!" Mrs. Wen shouted at Wen Shan's door as if her daughter would scare her future son-in-law away if she came out looking like that.

Wen Shan lay on her bed and rolled her eyes. Internally, she told herself to ignore everything that was happening. However, God knows why she had taken out all of her clothes from the bottom of her dresser.

That was because Ye Yuwei had said that Ye Yuwei's in-laws would also be here.

It would feel like... Meeting her in-laws.

Wen Shan had heard about what had happened before. She knew what Wen Jie meant to Nalan Chunbo—Wen Jie was like a mother to Nalan Chunbo.

Therefore, Wen Shan was so nervous that she felt like she was holding a rabbit in her heart; it kept hopping about frantically, giving her no peace.

Ding dong—

The doorbell rang. Wen Shan sat up immediately. Oh, what would she give to look at what was happening outside that piece of wall right now...


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