The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
1619 What Do You Mean By ‘Used To Be’?
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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1619 What Do You Mean By ‘Used To Be’?

Ye Yuwei came out of the bedroom and closed the door tentatively. Even though she knew that Mo Fei had not woken up yet, she still made sure her movements did not make too much noise involuntarily.

"Big Brother Qian, if it's inconvenient to find a servant, I'll let our Xin Ya come over. She's quite young, but she's a responsible person." Ye Yuwei understood that Mo Fei possessed a special identity. Qian Yikun would not be at ease to hire someone who came out of nowhere.

Xin Ya was the little girl who cleaned up Nalan Chunbo's house last time. She was young, but most importantly, she was a responsible person. Ye Yuwei had always liked her.

Therefore, Gu Juexi was unhappy when he heard that. Other than Auntie Qian, this little maid was Ye Yuwei's favorite in the house. Yet, she wanted to the girl over here?

"Ye Yuwei, have you nothing better to do?" Gu Juexi stood up with a displeased look on his face. If he had known this would happen earlier, he would not have brought her here. He had brought this upon himself, had he not?

Ye Yuwei ignored Gu Juexi. It was not the first time she had ignored him anyway. "I know that staying at your place is her safest choice. After all, you've always been at odds with her. No one would've expected that you took her in. Even so, you can't stay at home to take care of her forever."

This was something that Qian Yikun had always been concerned about. He could not get any of the servants in his own house over because it would definitely arouse his parents' suspicion.

"Then, let me thank you for your help." Qian Yikun thanked Ye Yuwei.

Gu Juexi's expression turned a few levels uglier.

Ye Yuwei immediately called home and asked Xin Ya to get ready to head to the address that Ye Yuwei had just sent over. Xin Ya trembled in fear. Although she did not know what was going on, she still packed her luggage and went over.

The temperature outside was too low. When Xin Ya reached her destination, her small face was red from the cold. Since she never dared to get close to Gu Juexi, she only relaxed when she saw Ye Yuwei. "Young Mistress."

Ye Yuwei brought Xin Ya to the bedroom and relayed all the instructions for her to take care of Mo Fei. She also gave Mo Fei an identity as Qian Yikun's wife.

Xin Ya looked at Ye Yuwei somewhat timidly. "Young Mistress, will I go back soon?"

Ye Yuwei looked at her cautious expression and reached out to hold her arm. "You can go back when Mrs. Qian gets better."

"Yes, Young Mistress. I'll take good care of Mrs. Qian." Xinya nodded earnestly after receiving Ye Yuwei's promise. "And I've remembered everything Young Mistress told me."

Qian Yikun arranged a room for Xin Ya to stay in. As for Xin Ya's salary, it could come from him, of course.

Ye Yuwei looked at Qian Yikun with a hint of a smile playing at the corners of her lips. "Big Brother Qian, who are you to her, to be paying for this?"

Qian Yikun did not say anything after Ye Yuwei was done teasing him.

After making sure that Xin Ya was properly settled, Ye Yuwei and Gu Juexi left. Gu Juexi's face was dark the whole time as he regretted bringing Ye Yuwei along.

Ye Yuwei hugged his arm and descended the building with him. "Mo Fei is my friend too."

Gu Juexi lowered his head and glanced at her. "Do you trust Xin Ya that much?"

Ye Yuwei thought about it for a moment and followed Gu Juexi into the elevator. "Xin Ya's eyes are very bright. I could see from the moment I saw her next to Bai Xiaolin when they started, that this girl is really innocent. Eyes are windows to the soul. Whoever treats her well, she will reciprocate the kindness with all her heart."

Ye Yuwei spoke earnestly, but Gu Juexi looked at her with a pair of unreadable eyes.

Ye Yuwei was confused by his gaze. "What are you looking at?"

When the elevator reached the first floor, Gu Juexi led Ye Yuwei out. "Your eyes used to be bright too."

Ye Yuwei heard what he said and stopped dead in her tracks. She was still holding his arm when she said, "Brother Gu, don't go yet. What do you mean by 'used to be'?"


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