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The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy
Author :Bean Ding Ding
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1639 If I Fall For Him

Ye Yuwei looked at Mo Fei's messages and remembered what Gu Juexi told her before. This world had never been kind to Mo Fei. Yet, even if she did it for the sake of survival—even if she became a killer—she would still retain her bottom line.

Yezi: [Sorry.]

Mo Fei: [Don't apologize.]

Yezi: [But, Mo Fei, sometimes bowing down to something isn't necessarily a bad thing.]

Mo Fei: [Since I was young, I knew that once I bow down, the only thing awaiting me would be death. So, I never knew what it meant to bow down.]

Mo Fei leaned against the headboard with her eyes lightly closed. The smell of bone soup lingered in the air. If Mo Fei found out about anything in the past few days, it would be that Xin Ya's cooking was amazing.

For as long as she could remember, she recalled playing games every day with about ten friends who were around her age. However, the game was too cruel, and those who failed only had one ending—death.

The number of friends in that group slowly dwindled like they were playing hide-and-seek. Gradually, the number of people around her decreased, and soon enough, they no longer understood what emotions were.

She was released when she was ten. Even now, she still remembered the first person she had killed—an old pedophile whose neck she had viciously slit.

Since she was ruthless enough, her master liked her the most. Additionally, it was her master who told her that in becoming a killer, you must not just let the missions pick you, but you must achieve the right to choose your missions. Otherwise, you would always remain in a passive state doing things that you might not want to do.

Therefore, she had been climbing uphill all this while, just to obtain the right to decide her own fate.

Yezi: [Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.]

Yezi: [I just want you to be safe.]

Yezi: [The past is the past, Mo Fei. If someone is willing to protect you, why not give them a chance?]

Mo Fei: [Chance? Who?]

Mo Fei: [Qian Yikun?]

Mo Fei: [He clearly said that I'm not worthy of him.]

Ye Yuwei leaned on the sofa and massaged her forehead. What in the world was this Big Brother Qian doing? She could not understand him at all.

Yezi: [Men like to say one thing but mean another. Gu Juexi loves to reproach me the most.]

Mo Fei: [Hehe, if I fall for him, I'll run into a wall and die.]

Mo Fei: [Let's not talk about him anymore, I'm so annoyed—]

The fragrance in the room grew stronger. For some reason, her depressive mood was finally washed away by the delicious aroma.

Qian Yikun changed out of his police uniform and took a shower before leaving the room. Xin Ya had already prepared dinner.

"Big Brother Qian, you should eat first. I'll send the food in for Mrs. Qian." Xin Ya separated small portions of each type of food into small plates, except for a large bowl of bone soup.

Xin Ya once mentioned that everyone in her hometown believed that drinking bone soup if they had broken bones could hasten the healing process. When Qian Yikun heard this, he would send some bones back every day. As for why he did it, he refused to delve into it.

Qian Yikun nodded and watched as Xin Ya brought the dishes in. He had just sat down when he heard the doorbell ring. Qian Yikun frowned and stood up to open the door, wondering who would come at this hour.

The door to his house opened, and the woman standing outside just raised her hand to ring the doorbell again. When the door opened, she arrogantly accused him, "Qian Yikun, why do you keep avoiding me recently?"

Qian Yikun wanted to close the door when he realized who the person outside his door was. He had zero interest in this fiancée that his family had found for him. She was just over twenty years old and born into a wealthy family. She was unbelievably arrogant.

"Hey— Qian Yikun!" Huang Jiaojiao exclaimed as she stomped her feet. As Qian Yikun closed the door, she burrowed under his arm directly and slipped in.


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